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Tarbosaurus was a very close relative to the Tyrannosaurus rex in size and also the massive skull which is 4 feet long. Tarbosaurus was a large dinosaur about 40 feet long and weighed 6 tons, making it the second largest member of the tyrannosaur family, after T. rex itself. It lived in Southern Mongolia in the late Cretaceous, 67 million years ago. It was one of the last surviving dinosaurs. Research by scientists suggests that Tarbosaurus is very close to T. rex, but there is argument on whether or not to move the species T. bataar to the Tyrannosaurus genus. The main noticable differences between the two is that Tarbosaurus has a thinner jaw, more heavily serrated teeth, smaller arms relative to its size, a wider gape, and somewhat weaker bite force than its North American cousin. These are due to Late Cretaceous Asia lacking large amounts of ceratopsians and ankylosaurs that Tyrannosaurus rex preyed on, and instead tooth marks show Tarbosaurus was optimized for hunting large hadrosaurs.

It is believed that by some paleontologists that T. rex is a descendent of Tarbosaurus or a sister species to Tarbosaurus bataar that migrated from North America to Asia through some sort of "land bridge" that connect the two continents during the Late Cretaceous period (around 70-66 million years ago). However, this is being challenged with the discovery of Tyrannosaurus mcraeensis.

This Tarbosaurus in particular served as the main antagonist of Jurassic World Camp Cretaceous: Hidden Adventure.

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The cloned Tarbosaurus is larger than her real life counterpart, despite the fact that the real animal is slightly smaller than a Tyrannosaurus. However, this Tarbosaurus is almost roughly the same size as the T. rex of Isla Nublar but has a bulkier proportions. This Tarbosaurus has spikes on her body ranging from head to tail. She has multiple other resemblance to a Tyrannosaurus; similar body build, similar head shape, and like all InGen theropods, she has inaccurately fronted wrists. Like the real animal, however, the cloned Tarbosaurus has smaller arms than the cloned Tyrannosaurus. This Tarbosaurus has a coat that mostly consists of purple and pink with stripes that are of a darker shade. The stripes range from its face to its tail. At the tip of her mouth, there is a bit of red around it. She has orange eyes. Her underbelly is a peach-like yellow color.


The following events are disputed in Canon and therefore not considered fully Canon.

Jurassic World Camp Cretaceous: Hidden Adventure[]

One known Tarbosaurus was cloned sometime during the opening years of Jurassic World, though it was never revealed to the public. Sometime after the Jurassic World incident, the Tarbosaurus was freed into the wilderness of Isla Nublar, where she had made a nest and laid multiple eggs. One night after a terrible storm, she had found one survivor who was still on the the island, Darius Bowman, and a Monolophosaurus, and she took them to her nest as she attempted to feed them alive to her children when they finally hatched.

Eventually, both Darius and the Monolophosaurus woke up. The Monolphosaurus was going to attack Darius, but before it could, the Tarbosaurus unintentionally saves Darius by dragging the smaller theropod away and killing it off-screen. Darius rushes out of the nest and depending on the viewer's choice he either escapes by jumping onto a nearby tree below or down a vine. The other survivors find Darius and they get out of the Tarbosaurus's territory. Little did they know that they would encounter the theropod several more times later that day.

After escaping either Toro in the tunnels or Rexy at Main Street, the campers find some Gyrospheres, which they use to travel to Hidden Adventure. At the same time, a herd of Brachiosauruses and Apatosauruses was stampeding in panic nearby. It was soon revealed that they were running from the Tarbosaurus. The theropod tried to attack the campers but was stopped because of the stampede.

Later the day the Tarbosaurus followed the kids to the unopened Hidden Adventure amusement park. Now the viewer has two options, to go onto the roller coaster or the car getaway ride.

Car getaway[]

If the viewer chooses this option, the campers go on a ride that features an automatic driving car and animatronic dinosaurs. First a Ceratosaurus animatronic jump scares the campers, and soon the campers continue the ride. After which, there is a sequence in the ride where the vehicle "breaks down". The car soon stops automatically driving and randomly starts hooting as 2 Baryonyx animatronics move in the bushes. The hooting caused the Tarbosaurus to immediately rush over to the scene. At first, the campers assume she is fake before she starts chasing after them. The theropod pushes the vehicle over and is about to kill the campers, before more Baryonyx animatronics pop out of the bushes. This caused the Tarbosaurus to lose focus on the campers so she goes to destroy the animatronics.

Now the viewer has the options to go to the Emergency Exit or Follow the Ride.

Emergency Exit[]

If the viewer chooses this option, Darius and the campers will try to flee from the Tarbosaurus. Unfortunately, the exit is revealed to be unfinished, and the Tarbosaurus rushes after them as she proceeds to kill them.

Follow the Ride[]

If the viewer chooses this option, the campers sneak past the Tarbosaurus until she spots Darius, after which she chases him and gets him cornered, but in the nick of time, Kenji, who hid in a nearby bush, saves his life at the last moment.

After this, the campers go back to the Hidden Adventure park, until something in the bushes catches Kenji and Darius' attention. Depending on what the viewer had chosen earlier, it will be either Toro or Rexy who had followed the campers. The Tarbosaurus will battle her opponent as she tosses them around. Now, the viewer has their final choices: Escape Alive! or Distract the Dinos.

Distract the Dinos[]

If the viewer chooses this option, Darius will distract the theropods while the other campers get the hidden stockpile. After the Tarbosaurus defeats her opponent, she proceeds to track down Darius. The other campers get the food and make their escape. Sammy yells to Darius that he can rinse himself off by using the Dilophosaurus statues. After this, the Tarbosaurus loses the scent and depending on who she fights, she will either subsequently die for taking on Rexy or she will continue her fight against Toro.

Escape Alive![]

If the viewer choses this option, the campers will not go into Brimford's bunker and will abort their mission. The rest of this option's outcome will be more or less the same as the Distract the Dinos option. However, the campers will leave without the food. Darius still manages to rinse himself and the Tarbosaurus will either lose to Rexy or will continue fighting Toro.

Roller Coaster[]

If the viewer chooses the roller coaster, the campers ride the roller coaster to see which vendor is the entrance to the hidden bunker. As they ride the roller coaster, the Tarbosaurus attacks and narrowly misses them. Darius realizes that the Tarbosaurus is tracking him because he smells like her eggs, and thinks he can use the splash zone at the base of the ride to rid himself of the smell. But Kenji thinks it's better to climb off the roller coaster and escape.

Now the viewer has the options to Wash the Smell or Climb Away.

Climb Away[]

If the viewer chooses this option, Darius climbs off the roller coaster and flees with the rest of the campers, only for the Tarbosaurus to knock the coaster in front of the campers, and corner them before eating them.

Wash the Smell[]

If the viewer chooses this option, Darius will jump free of the roller coaster at the last moment and rid himself of the scent. He will then take Kenji and meet the other campers at the bunker entrance. The viewer is then given three choices for the combination lock: 2005, 2015, and 2974.

Wrong Code[]

If the viewer chooses 2015 (the year Hidden Adventure was meant to open) or 2974 (the number on the concession stand above the bunker), the code's alarm will go off, alerting the Tarbosaurus who then kills the campers.

Correct Code[]

If the viewer chooses 2005 (the year Jurassic World opened), the bunker opens and the campers escape the Tarbosaurus as she closes in and tries to find them, with the episode ending with the campers gathering the food they need from the bunker and vowing not to come back given the fact that the Tarbosaurus is still patrolling the area.

End of disputed canon. section

Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom[]

While Tarbosaurus does not appear physically in the film, it does appear in a diorama panting where there are two individuals in a background painting.


  • It is unknown if there was more than one cloned Tarbosaurus. If there was only one, then the Tarbosaurus is the third dinosaur who asexually laid eggs, after the Scorpios rex, and Blue (although it is not known if these eggs are fertile like those of Blue and Scorpios or are unfertilized eggs like chickens, which would explain the bad smell of these because they would already be rotten or could just be scent of her eggs).
  • Due to Hidden Adventure not having any confirmation of being canon, the fate of the Tarbosaurus remains unknown. The ending where she is killed by Rexy would explain her absence later on, or she may have fought Toro and survived on the island, and when the events of Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom had taken place, she could've been either been transported and sold to a trader at Lockwood Manor or may have died during the eruption of Mount Sibo on Isla Nublar.
  • The way the Tarbosaurus attempts to feed Darius and the Monolophosaurus to her unborn offspring is similar to the Lost World novel where the Buck and Doe Tyrannosaurus feed Lewis Dodgson to their offspring. However, unlike the novel, Darius does not get eaten whereas Dodgson does. Despite the similarities, it is unknown if this was meant to be a reference or if it was just pure coincidence.
  • In Original version, Darius said that Tarbosaurus has powerful jaws. But in some other languages have been translated incorrectly that Tarbosaurus has stronger bite force than Tyrannosaurus. Those mistranslations have led people to believe that Tarbo's bite was stronger than T. rex. The original version only mentions that Tarbo has powerful jaws. But it's not even said that it has a stronger bite than T. rex. Ideally, Tarbosaurus had a fairly powerful jaws. But it still has less bite force than Tyrannosaurus.