The chapter Target of Opportunity introduces the Biosyn Corporation, of Cupertino, California. Lewis Dodgson, the infamous reverse bioengineer for Biosyn, holds a meeting of the Board of Directors to introduce a major target of opportunity—InGen. no


Lewis Dodgson sat in the boardroom of the Biosyn Headquarters in Cupertino, CA. Ten directors now sat around the table, waiting for the last to arrive. The head of Biosyn, Steingarten, had been adamant that Dodgson get the board's approval on this plan. Finally, Ron Meyer, the final board member arrived. Dodgson began his overview of the InGen Corporation; their startup in 1983, the purchase of three Cray XMP supercomputers, and the purchase of Isla Nublar in Costa Rica. It almost seemed as if InGen was building the world's largest zoo and largest genetics facility ever built. When the directors became annoyed, he explained that they only could have one outcome to this project—a zoo for dinosaurs. They made them; they'd patented them; they owned them. And no one else can legally make them. However, Dodgson does have a disgruntled employee with access to embryos. Slowly the members heads nodded, but no one spoke, no one went on record. And Dodgson moved forward with his plans.

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