"Relax. Anything in here'd be dead by now."
—Sub Pilot(src)

The Tech Operator was a mercenary employed by Eli Mills. He was one of the two men tasked with piloting Marine One into the Jurassic World Lagoon to retrieve a bone sample from the Indominus rex skeleton. He was visibly nervous at being underwater in the lagoon at night, although his companion reassured him that after all this time, it was likely the Mosasaurus was dead from starvation.

He operated the claw which grabbed one of the I. rex rib bones, so that the sub's pilot could cut it free with a circular saw and sent it to the surface. The mercenaries' helicopter retrieved it. Advised by Jack that they needed to leave the lagoon, the sub turned to leave, only to encounter the Mosasaurus. The operator saw her huge eye through the glass viewport[1] just before she swallowed the sub, killing both men aboard.


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