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Technical Difficulties is the eighth episode of the fourth season in the Netflix series, Jurassic World: Camp Cretaceous. The episode was released on December 3, 2021.


Brooklynn must devise a hack to help Darius, who's being tailed by an upgraded BRAD-X. Meanwhile, Kash prepares to woo a group of dangerous investors.

Plot Summary[]

Kash instructs Darius to inject his control chip in the Spinosaurus, while Brooklynn tries to reprogram one of the robots. The Spino chases him and the BRAD-X with Darius tries to kill him, but Darius gets away and the Spino thrashes and stomps on the BRAD-X. Darius then uses a sleeping gas to knock out the Spinosaurus. However, the BRAD-X appears again after Darius wakes up, leaving him no choice to carry out Kash's mission. Fortunately, Brooklynn successfully reprograms a BRAD to intervene the BRAD-X with Darius to communicate with him, and Darius does not have to inject the control chip. Kenji praises Brooklynn and tells her he likes her which makes her shocked, and a embarassed Kenji quickly backpeddles. Darius and the BRAD-X report the progress to Kash, but the test fails. Kash then noitces the other tests fails, which makes Kash wonder if the chips will work on more impressionable assets, much to Darius's horror.

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  • It is canonical confirmed the gender of the Spinosaurus is a male as Kash quotes, "if you're lucky you can catch him while he's sleeping".