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The Art of Chill is the second episode of the second season in the Netflix series, Jurassic World: Camp Cretaceous. The episode was released on January 22, 2021.


Darius and Sammy face a moral dilemma while searching the park for supplies. The campers start building a new treehouse. Brooklynn sees something odd.

Plot Summary[]

Left without a safe place to stay while awaiting rescue, Darius Bowman suggests returning to the ruins of Camp Cretaceous as a base. The group leaves Kenji Kon behind to watch over Yasmina Fadoula and to sift through the rubble for supplies, while they leave to find medical supplies for Yasmina's ankle.

Kenji and Yaz[]

Kenji and Yasmina get along poorly at first, with Kenji wanting to skirt his duties and rest, while Yasmina refuses to respect her limitations and wants to work instead of resting. She hobbles off on her own, forcing Kenji to go after her. On finding her, he asks her to "give the macho-woman act a rest", but in response she simply rants about her athletic medals and independence. Aggravated, Kenji takes her crutch from her to force her to stop pushing herself, but she refuses to quit and ends up hurting her ankle even further.


"When are you gonna get it? You can't do anything here, Yaz."

Unable to walk, Kenji is forced to carry Yasmina, but he quickly tires and insists on a break. They struggle with each other, Yaz refusing to get off of him and insisting they press on, until he makes it painfully obvious that there's nothing she can do. This forces her to face her limitations and shocks her, so she gets off and struggles to leave, but soon collapses and cries. However, Kenji talks her down, and makes her realize that everyone must depend on each other, at which point he carries her back to camp where they await the return of the rest of the group, now reconciled and friendly.

Hunt for supplies[]

Darius, Brooklynn, and Sammy arrive at a medical station and find not only medical supplies, but a cache of food as well. However, despite Brooklynn's protestations, they stall at the medical station to release a bunch of herbivore dinosaurs from their cages. Eventually they discover a Baryonyx, and are presented with a moral dilemma: to free it or to let it die.

Sammy stridently argues to release the creature on the basis of "fairness" and because the creature might have a family. Darius counters this, saying that it's a danger who would eat them, so Sammy suggests they at least feed it. Darius discards this as well, saying it needs 100 pounds of meat a day, and has to painstakingly explain to Sammy that canned fruit is not meat. Further, he says that the only meat in the quantity available are the herbivores they just released, the Baryonyx's natural prey, but she refuses to allow this as well, leading to a stalemate.

Run (Camp Cretaceous)


The stalemate is broken when another Baryonyx arrives and chases everyone away. Brooklynn and Darius are cornered atop another cage, so they have Sammy release the herbivores to draw away the carnivores, allowing them to escape. However, Darius is struck at the last moment by Sammy's words, and uses the chaos as an opportunity to safely release the caged Baryonyx before fleeing again. Everyone races away from the carnivores until they meet up with Kenji and Yaz, at which point they all climb into a tree to escape the carnivores.

Reunited, everyone is struck by the idea of building a base up high to avoid the danger, so Yaz draws up a schematic of a tree house. Everyone sets about making it, and Sammy gives Darius a dinosaur tooth necklace in thanks. Meanwhile, Brooklynn discovers a mysterious grove of flowers that are frozen in the center.

Characters and Cast[]