The Ascent (Part I) is the sixth level which the player plays through. It follows the The Lab and precedes The Ascent (Part II). The level starts off right in front of the wall that surrounds the Lab with firearms and a Toxic Dart Shooter (which comes in handy against the two Albertosaurs and the fearsome T-Rex that the player encounters in this difficult level) nearby. Anne must descend the ledges (teeming with raptors of course) and reach the cliff, where he/she will face Tribe-C Raptors for the first time. Later on the player must climb the ancient Mayan staircase (which is booby-trapped) go through the Mayan ruins (which is also teeming with Raptors) and then reach a Ziggurat with a T-Rex blocking the path that happens to lead to a booby-trapped bridge which goes to the end of level.

Key places

[[Mayan Temple|Mayan Temple


Level 6 - The Ascent part 1


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