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The Cattle Drive is the third episode in the Netflix series, Jurassic World: Camp Cretaceous. The episode was released on September 18, 2020.


The campers hop into their Gyrospheres to help move a dinosaur herd toward fresh grazing lands. But an incoming storm stirs up unexpected trouble.

Plot Summary[]

At the beginning of the episode, Darius begins to tell a scary campfire story about a Tyrannosaurus rex but finds himself interrupted by Brooklynn on numerous occasions. All of a sudden, it starts raining and the remaining campers flee for cover, losing interest in Darius' story much to Darius' dismay.

The following day, the group are taken to the Gyrosphere Valley by counselors Dave and Roxie and introduced to the gryrospheres. As part of their exclusive Camp Cretaceous experience, the group will get to drive along behind the herd, being introduced by handlers to fresh grazing grounds while the counselors trail behind in their Mercedes-Benz G 63 AMG 6X6. As described by Dave, a "cattle drive but with dinosaurs."

Darius is enthused while Ben is nervous. The campers are then paired; Sammy volunteers to ride with Yaz,  Darius who originally wanted to ride solo,  (as insisted by Dave) is paired with Brooklynn and Kenji (as punishment for is previous behavior) is paired as a passenger with Ben, much to his irritation as Ben proves a bad driver.

During the drive Ben gets of to a bad start and accidently reverses his gyrosphere into the counselors' Merecedez. Darius (amazed at her attachment to her phone) attempts to socialize with Brooklynn, but only succeeds in irritating her further, Brooklynn promptly apologizes and explains herself regarding the pressure being a social media star; at the same time Yasmina, avoiding Sammy's attempts to socialize, swerves the vehicle sharply in an effort to make her be quiet.

A storm which was expected to have moved further up the coast broke, and the counselors, concerned about a stampede, cut the Gyrosphere tour short, much to the children's dismay. Due to the radio in the Mercedes not working and refusing to respond, Roxie and Dave drive ahead to inform the handlers, instructing the campers to stay put and leaving them unattended.

Fearful that a particularly panicky Sinoceratops will disrupt the herd, Darius convinces Brooklynn to pursue and drive the panicking ceratopsian back to the main herd, insisting it will be great footage to feature in her blog. The remaining campers; all wanting to be involved in the action, go against the counselors wishes and follow along Darius and Brooklynn's directon. Darius and Brooklynn follow the Sinoceratops, attempting to block the Sinoceratops in it's path and drive it back into the main herd, but the two only succeed in provoking the animal further and find themselves headbutted back into the midst of the animals. The gyrosphere crashes into a Parasaurolophus, bounces off of it and against a Stegosaurus, who smacked another Parasaurolophus with its tail, causing commotion between the herd and triggering a huge stampede. In the ensuing chaos that followed, the Camp Cretaceous Mercedes is knocked off a cliff by a distressed Sinoceratops, narrowly missing Roxie and Dave who are standing below.

Both Darius and Brooklynn find themselves caught up in the stampede and are spun around wildly. Eventually the three gyrospheres manage to escape the chaos; fleeing into the surrounding jungle. Yasmina and Sammy find themselves blocked in their path by a falling tree that had been struck by lightning. Meanwhile Kenji and Ben fight for control over the vehicle with Kenji gaining the upper hand, however his control over the vehicle is short lived and the gyrosphere crashes into a tree, as a result the two are unharmed, however the vehicle overturns. As for Darius and Brooklynn, the pair find themselves confronted by a Sinoceratops. The Sinoceratops charges at the vehicle and impales the gyrosphere with it's horn; trashing wildly to release it's horn, the Sinoceratops flings the gyrsophere into a quicksand pit, leaving Darius and Brooklynn screaming for their lives.

At the same time Yaz instructs Sammy to gather large sticks, which she uses to construct a ramp and escape the tree trunk blocking their path. The two find and rescue Kenji and Ben and (forced to share the gyrosphere) manage to locate Darius and Brooklynn, following their screams for help. However, before they can help; the four find themselves face to face with an adult Sinoceratops. Fortunately Sammy, using her knowledge cattle (back at her family farm), manages to tame the Sinoceratops with a tree branch.

The four tie a large vine around the Sinoceratops' body and using the Sinoceratops as a tow, manage to hoist both Darius and Brooklynn out, allowing the two to climb out of the hole. The group celebrate, however Dave and Roxie (both unamused) arrive at the scene and the celebration is cut short.

Later at night time; Brooklynn is reviewing footage from her phone. In one video she notices Sammy taking saliva samples from the Sinoceratops tongue in the background, both alarming and confusing her, making her suspicious. Sammy (secretly viewing from a distance) cautiously walks away.

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