The Evolution of Claire is a book written by Tess Sharpe, released on June 26, 2018.


The book begins as Claire Dearing returns from the Jurassic World Incident, where she has moved back to her hometown at her sister Karen's request. She then reflects on her life before she was hired to work at Jurassic World.

The book then picks up 12 years earlier in 2004 as she and her roommate Regina are packing up to leave college for summer break. As they are reflecting over what happened that year, Karen arrives to drive Claire back to their parents' house. After all of Claire's belongings, including a lizard named Sally, are put in the car Karen begins driving, where they talk about the internships Claire is going over. As they get to the town Karen shows Claire she was accepted into Jurassic World for an internship before the park opened the next year.

Characters in the book

Species in the book


  • The T. rex is called "Rexy" by multiple characters in the book. She is first called this name on page 266 by Bertie when Claire is enlisted to help with the scheduled feeding of her. The narrator (Claire) then continues to refer to her by this name.
  • On page 261, Claire asks Masrani about the dinosaur population on Isla Sorna and his response is that "there are enough." He elaborates that, after Hammond's death, the greatest threat to the populations on both Nublar and Sorna was poaching rather than anything within the ecosystems themselves. 
  • There were no Velociraptors in Jurassic World until about eight months before the park opened, and they were first transported from Isla Sorna.
  • According to Bertie, every time an animal is transported from Sorna to Nublar and has settled in, Masrani holds a champagne toast at the top of the educational center, which everybody is required to attend.
  • Chapter 21 introduces a scent masking spray created by Dr. Wu and his team for the trainers and vets to use. It would make the humans smell as if they were part of the jungle, making it more difficult for predators to pinpoint their location. It is odorless and absorbed quickly into the skin.
  • There are five waterfalls on Nublar, of which three would be accessible to guests during the park's operation.
  • Nine months before Jurassic World opened, there were only five herbivore species integrated into their habitats (Ankylosaurus, Brachiosaurus, Gallimimus, Parasaurolophus, Triceratops). The T. rex and Dilophosaurus were the only carnivores presently on the island until a Velociraptor was introduced about a month later.
  • Claire mentions that it would take about ten years for a Brachiosaurus to reach full maturity. This would appear to conflict with the growth rate of Brachiosaurs in the first film, as those were adults by 1993 and were born in 1986 by the earliest, making them seven years old at most. Jack Ewins, one of the DPG writers, explained that this could be due to how the Brachiosaurus genes were manipulated.[1]
  • Concept art and John Hammond's models of the original park were released to the public at some point prior to 2004.
  • The book is considered film canon by Colin Trevorrow.[2]


  • While the Velociraptor on the front cover is a male, the one described in the book is called a female.
  • In Jurassic World, Karen's husband and Zach's father's name is Scott Mitchell. In the book, Karen's husband and Zach's father's name is Pete.
  • According to the novel, Claire was 19 in 2004 and Zach was a toddler, whereas the film canon suggests he was 6 years old and Gray was 2 years old.
  • An interesting change is that the Tyrannosaurus paddock is placed miles away from Main Street despite the film depict the attraction being placed closer to it in the film canon. Even more so, the characters state how putting Rexy so close to the visitors and smells of the main park would be a bad idea.