The lab

The Administrative Complex, with Mt. Watson.

The harbor

The Harbor.

The Lab is the fifth level which the player plays through in Trespasser. It follows the The Town and precedes The Ascent (Part I).


Comprised of both the Harbor and the Laboratory, this level takes the player from dinosaur infested docks to a secluded area to explore the laboratory, administration and computer buildings.



The Harbor is a mixed of old and new: the first wooden docks and buildings constructed by InGen intermixed with the newer buildings of concrete. Two warehouses, stacked with crates, stand off to the side. A loading area, with a locked Loading Master shack, is filled with cargo containers. Near the warehouses resides the Harbor Offices, the third largest building.

The Harbor itself appears in a state of disarray. InGen's evacuation was quick and is obvious: building windows were hurriedly boarded closed, broken buses obscuring the road, stacks of boxes lying around. Plant life is starting to reclaim the area. Much of the harbor has a hard concrete feel to it.

The Administrative Complex, on the other hand, is placed in a tranquil setting, surrounded by nature. A cause way between the buildings still has usable benches, and the buildings themselves are in better condition than their harbor counterparts. The Lab and Administration buildings have been gutted; only tables, boxes, and machinery too heavy too lift remain. The computer building is loitered with damaged computer parts, and the dry-erase boards are permanently etched with text. Signs of weathering, and nature's reclamation, are evident. A locked dinosaur paddock bars the player's advancement.


The player is in the heart of Site B. Forests dominate the landscape, with sharp cliffs dropping off to the ocean. Pines and redwoods dot the hillsides, with dead trees sprinkled here and there. Bushes and undergrowth common to forests can be found. One could get easily lost in the forest, lacking any distinguishing landmarks. Ambient bird sounds and the far off ocean are present. Interestingly enough, even though this level is so far into the game, there are only 5 raptors throughout the level. The player also will pass a T-Rex eating a Triceratops near the main gate and another one can be found near the warehouses. Recently a regeneration point was discovered right above the shipping containers, so this level may seem to have more raptors than there are listed here. Since the level begins with 5 raptors, the count will remain unchanged.
Level 5 - The Lab

Level 5 - The Lab

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