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The Last Stand is the eleventh episode of the fifth season in the Netflix series, Jurassic World: Camp Cretaceous. The episode was released on July 21, 2022.


A high-stakes battle begins for control of Mantah Corp. Island. Kenji's ready to rejoin his friends, but Darius isn't sure he can forgive him.

Plot Summary[]

In the beginning the others are still mad at Kenji for his betrayal to belive his father instead of them. Having deep remorse over betraying thoose who truly loves him for an unloving and ruthless father Kenji admit that they have all right to be mad at him which they agree on much to his dismay.

Characters and Cast[]



  • As Ben says Kenji left the campers for dead he is a bit to excessive as Kenji just left the campers side as he hadn't realized yet that Daniel truly was evil and still thought Daniel did what he did for a good reason. Its also possible that Ben himself was still a little upset over Kenji's actions as he left his friends safety in the hands of Daniel which put them in danger without Kenji knowing it.
  • Despite having been wrong about the most things during the series this is the first time Kenji actually acknowledge he was wrong about that his dad was no bad guy.
  • It becomes clearer to Kenji in this episode that Daniel never has cared for him as Daniel mentions that the only things he cares for are his company and his name.
  • As Darius is the only one in the group that isn't happy that Kenji rejoins his friends it show that of all the campers Darius was the one who took Kenji's betrayal hardest as he really thought Kenji was his best friend and would always have his back and by taking his fathers side Kenji betrayed the great trust Darius had for him.
  • When Daniel says he ordered Kash to blackmail Sammy's family its revealed that he lied about that he took over Mantah Corp after the fall of Jurassic World. This would make him the arch-enemy of Sammy Gutierrez.
  • When Darius says that Kenji has no idea what he's doing it probably means that Darius not only refers to Kenji's foolish choice of side as Kenji was unable to realize that Daniel just used him, but even to other decisions Kenji had made during the seasons that seem's to put both the group and other peoples life's in danger.
  • When Darius yells at Kenji "Why did you even come back" probably was about that everything Darius had planned just became a huge mess with Kenji returning to their side or because of that Kenji mostly just makes it worse by accident as Kenji accidentally destroyed Mae's tablet computer through his impulsivity and carelessness.
  • The conflict between Big Eatie and the Spinosaurus mirrors that of the spinosaur's first battle against another T. rex back on Isla Sorna in Jurassic Park III, but unlike that battle, Big Eatie was only injured and survived the attack.
  • One of the twins is the first one in the franchise to be killed by a Carnotaurus during this episode.