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The Long Game is the fifth episode of the fourth season in the Netflix series, Jurassic World: Camp Cretaceous. The episode was released on December 3, 2021.


After learning the truth about Mae's boss, Sammy's ready to go rogue to take him down... just as Mae gets ready to confront him. Cue the killer robots!

Plot Summary[]

Darius and Ben help Mae with Pierce, while Brooklynn and Kenji remove the altered food from the T-rex area and uncomfortably see an injured Little Eatie. Sammy takes Yaz back to Mae's to rest. The man and the BRAD come into Mae's place and the man finds Mae's journal, containing her research, but is noticed by Yaz and Sammy, with Sammy recognizing him. After regrouping, Sammy reveals that the man is Kash who blackmailed her family into sending her to Jurassic World. When the others attempt to dissuade her from confronting him, an angry Sammy decides to do so anyway and runs off. She sees Kash and Mae, with the former being Mae's boss. The other campers stop Sammy from proceeding. Mae confronts Kash over his actions to her dinosaurs and says she won't let him continue. Kash then turns the BRADs against her and orders them to kill her. While Mae is saved by the other campers who help destroy the BRADs, Mae is then attacked and wounded by a Velociraptor. The campers are surrounded by Velociraptors, but Sammy then uses one of the damaged BRADs to injure and scare off the raptors. The six campers take Mae somewhere where they won't be seen. Ben keeps watch of Kash and notices that he has a phone.

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  • It is revealed that there are two Velociraptors on this island meaning that Blue is not the last of her kind.