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The Long Run is the sixth episode of the third season in the Netflix series, Jurassic World: Camp Cretaceous. The episode was released on May 21, 2021.


As a poisoned camper fights to survive, it's up to Yaz — the fastest among them — to fetch the antidote before it's too late.

Plot Summary[]

Following an attack by the Scorpius rex, Sammy Gutierrez becomes badly ill after being hit by the hybrid's venomous quills. Realizing she will not survive without an antivenom, Brooklynn notes that there may be one in a genetics laboratory near the Raptor Paddock which she has a map to, but it is in the same direction the Scorpius rex had just left in. Yasmina Fadoula is quick to volunteer herself in spite of the danger, and runs off before a plan can be hatched. Remembering how the hybrid is seemingly mesmerized by lights, Ben Pincus and Darius Bowman rush off to create a large explosion while Kenji Kon and Brooklynn care for Sammy. As they care for her, Brooklynn attempts to comfort both Sammy and Kenji, the latter being very worried over the former's worsening state. In her near unconsciousness state, Sammy begins mistaking Kenji for one of her cattle, which he gladly obliges to taking the role and mooing as he sees how happy it makes her. Meanwhile, Ben and Darius rush off, Ben shows Darius some spare gasoline he stashed and comes up with the idea of creating the explosion at the top of the mountain housing Jurassic World's Gondola Lift. At first the plan seems to fail when only a small explosion occurs, panicking the boys until a larger explosion suddenly rings out from the top of the mountain.

As Yaz sprints towards the lab, she finds a rushing river in her way and attempts to jump over it, only to fall in. Being dragged along by the current, Yaz grabs a low hanging vine and uses it to climb on the opposite bank. Resting, she reminisces on her time spent together with Sammy, and with renewed vigor finds a road leading towards the Raptor Paddock, then finding the laboratory. As Yaz approaches the lab, she finds its door blocked by a fallen log, and attempts to move it until the Scorpius rex appears. Yaz hides behind the debris as it walks passed, once again reminiscing on her time with Sammy and motivating herself to move the log enough to open the door once the hybrid had left. Searching the building, she quickly finds the room used to store the Scorpius but cannot find the antidote and trashes the room in anger before sitting and beginning to cry. This however, allows her to find a box containing the antidote on the floor. Antidote in hand, Yaz rushes towards the Raptor Pen, only to find the Scorpius feeding on a dead Parasaurolophus, which quickly switches its attention to her and roars, causing her to drop the antidote. Slowly picking it up to not set off the hybrid, Yaz is able to outrun the Scorpius until she comes back to the river, which she successfully jumps over this time but sprains her ankle in the process. Cornered, the Scorpius closes in on Yaz ,until Ben's explosion rings out and lures the hybrid away. Limping back and continuing her reminiscence, Yaz keeps herself motivated and manages to make it back to camp and allow Brooklynn to give Sammy the antidote, but Sammy seemingly dies. The group begins mourning until Sammy suddenly coughs and wakes up, much to their relief.

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  • As Yasmina challenges the Scorpios, yelling "If you're gonna do something, do it already!" she adopts the same pose that Julie James from I Know What You Did Last Summer assumed when yelling "What are you waiting for!"
  • The campers saying bigger, louder, fierier is a possibly reference to bigger, louder, more teeth.