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The Lost World: Jurassic Park was a game designed by THQ for the original Game Boy.


On Isla Sorna, an island off the coast of Costa Rica, something has survived... Long after Ingen has dismantled its laboratories and tried to destroy all evidence of its attempts to genetically restore a prehistoric Earth, all that is left of their efforts are a few scared men, an overgrown jungle base and a mystery as old as time itself... And yet, rumors of dinosaur sightings abound and the government is attempting to stamp out any evidence of their existence. But the rediscovery of these creatures might yield vital information on extinction - information that may one day help mankind in its fight for survival. If the dinosaurs exist, they must be found and studied.

YOUR MISSION: A research team has been dispatched to the Isla Sorna and has disappeared! A group of smugglers from a company called BioSyn have landed on the island with thoughts of capturing and exploiting whatever they find. It is believed their intention is to smuggle dinosaurs off the island and use them in hunting parks and for military research. You must infiltrate the island and stop the genetic terrorists of BioSyn from releasing the dinosaurs on an unsuspecting world.

-Introduction from the instruction booklet


In each of the eight levels, a number of items (dinosaur eggs, computer disks or DNA samples) must be collected to finish the level. Gameplay mostly consists of running, jumping and climbing through the large platform-like levels. However, in the jungles and caves of the island, many enemies await: Dinosaur species, including Tyrannosaurus rex and Velociraptor, and human enemies, employees of InGen's rival BioSyn. The player can defend himself by using kicks and punches, a pistol or a grenade launcher. Ammo and health power-ups can be found in boxes scattered around the levels.


Other enemies

  • BioSyn Team Members
  • BioSyn Security Men
  • Dodgson
  • Spore Plants
  • Lagoosh
  • Steampipes