The second level of the video game The Lost World: Jurassic Park is the Human Hunter.

Intro video


Jurassic Park The Lost World - Hunter Intro

Human Hunter Intro

The gamer has to make it past the security network.

The gamer logs in to InGen's Human Resources database. From a long list of InGen Employees John Hammond is selected. Some employee names are jokes:

  • L. Van Pelt is most likely based on Linus van Pelt, a character from the Peanuts.
  • Tinkley, D. sounds like "Dinkley", which is Velma from Scooby Doo's last name.
  • L. Barnett's tagline reads "Go forty-niners", an American Football Team (San Francisco 49ers)
  • J. Molen, who runs an acting workshop, is probably a nod to Gerald R. Molen, Jurassic Park producer and actor.

The gamer arrives at the Map Selection screen, a globe of our world is shown, the land is colored red. A region near Costa Rica is selected on the globe. The network loads the region Loading 22 degr N, 103 degr W and the following text appears:

Regional Query:
120 miles northwest nearest mainland InGen field office in 
Queso Grande- operatives under contract in region
Por perqueno mojado dinosauro es fresco asociar producir cansado 
sueno trabajo entrar activo
islands in the region have been under government quarantine since June 1995 -
Costal patrols subsidezed via InGen funding initiative

This section is ment to be Spanish text, but it doesn't make any sense in Spanish. It basically says "pants on the outside but small wet dinosaur is fresh associate produce tired job enter file".

This text quickly disappears and a big title THE FIVE DEATHS is shown.

Level 1: Enter Carefully

Starting in the watery caverns (probably near the ocean), filled with Baryonyx.

Enemies encountered:

Level 2: Arid Canyon

The hunter leaves the caverns and enters the canyon, filled with Pachycepalosaurus and Dimorphodons.

Enemies encountered:

Level 3: Heart Of The Island

The hunter fights his way into the underground complex.

Enemies encountered:

  • Pachycephalosaurus
  • Dimorphodon

Level 4: Underground

An underground complex.

Enemies encountered:

Level 5: Geothermal Center

The hunter gets closer into his objective.

Enemies encountered:

  • Deinonychus
  • Compsognathus

Level 6: Ingen Complex

A lab complex full with Velociraptors; this is the hunter's objective.

Enemies encountered:

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