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The Lost World Series 1 toyline was released after the movie The Lost World by Kenner, which was at its peak as a toy maker and managed to score the deal with Amblin Entertainment.


Box cover


Roland Tembo

Tembo comes with a knife and a dinostun prod and a pachy hatchling ready to ram it's head.

Ian Malcolm

Ian Malcolm comes with a missile launcher and baby T. rex with a cast, based off the movie.

Eddie Carr

Eddie set2

Eddie figure with equipment.

"Master Mechanic" with Capture Claw Launcher & Triceratops Hatchling.

Eddie wears a beige overall with a lot of pockets, as well as a brown utility belt and a brown pair of boots.Eddie comes with an adorable Triceratops hatchling.

For a complete description: Eddie Carr on JPToys.

Nick Van Owen

Nick figure1

Nick van Owen figure.

Van Owen comes with a camera and a Pteranodon hatchling inspired by the adult of this toy line. Erroneously, his hair is black.

Sarah Harding

Harding includes a Net Launcher and Stegosaurus hatchling.

Peter Ludlow

Ludlow comes with a gun and a shock stick and a velociraptor hatchling.

Dieter Stark

Stark has a waist turning action and one rifle gun and shot gun. A magnetic compy is included and hang on to him as if he was attacked.




Young Pachycephalosaurus

Young pachy

Velociraptor "Cyclops"


This Velociraptor figure is nicknamed "Cyclops" because it is blind in one eye, which is white. While the other eye is yellow with a red slit-style pupil. The Cyclops Velociraptor is mainly green with white striping marking its flanks, backs, and legs. This figure also comes with capture gear, albeit it’s rather poorly designed. This figure was repainted three times, one time with its capture gear for Jurassic Park: Dinosaurs, and two more times with out its capture gear for Jurassic Park III (Hasbro) and Jurassic Park: Dinosaurs 2.

Electronic Velociraptor "Snap Jaw"


Electronic Parasaurolophus


Electronic Chasmosaurus



Steel beak


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Bull T. rex


The Bull T. rex is one of the large dinosaur toys in this line and possibly the largest Jurassic Park toy. It is inspired by the Male Tyrannosaurus from the film. This figure is made from a tough rubber for his body, tail and head but it's limbs and the inside of it's mouth are made from a hard plastic. The inside of this dinosaur's mouth and belly is hollow which allows the player to insert any action figure or the accessory and retrieve it from a slit cut in it's belly. it also has a botton on the top of its hips that activates a film-accurate Tyrannosaur roar. 

Thrasher T. rex


The Thrasher T. rex is the second largest T. rex in this line and is based on the Female T. rex from the film. This toy's rubberized body is much softer than both the Bull T. rex and the original electronic "Red Rex." And unlike it's other counterparts, it does not come with any elecronic sounds or features, but it instead includes articulated legs (a feature that didn't exist on the other toys), a chomping jaw activated by opening the mouth and pressing the tongue and a thrashing action done by moving the tail from side-to-side.

Electronic Spinosaurus


Junior T. rex


The Junior Tyrannosaurus rex is brown with purple striping marking its back and flanks. The creature also comes with a muzzle and a cast, which are play compatible with the figures broken-leg action feature. This figure and its muzzle and cast were repainted three times for Jurassic Park: Dinosaurs and Jurassic Park: Dinosaurs 2.

Young Triceratops


The Young Triceratops is brown with black striping marking its back and flanks. The figure also comes with two peices of capture gear, which is play compatible with the figures head ramming action feature. This figure was repainted three times, one time with its capture gear for Jurassic Park: Dinosaurs, and two more times with out its capture gear for Jurassic Park III (Hasbro) and Jurassic Park: Dinosaurs 2.



Dino's with Dino Trackers


Glider Pack

High Hide With Nick Van Owen


Dino-snare Dirtbike

Ground Tracker

Net Trapper

Humvee capture Vehicle

Dino-Damage Medical center

Mobile Command Center


  • This toy line contains the entire T.rex family from the movie, with the Bull T.Rex being the father, the Thrasher T.rex being the mother, and the Juvenile T.rex being the baby.
  • The "Cyclops" Velociraptor is possibly a subtle tie-in with Sega's The Lost World: Jurassic Park, since the coloring on the figure bears resemblance to the color scheme of the "Alpha Raptors" featured in the game.
  • In the app game Jurassic Park: Builder a varitey of dinosaurs' color schemes are based off the toyline.
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