The Thrasher T. rex is a T. rex toy from Kenner's series 1 of The Lost World toy-line. It is based on the female Rex from the Lost World and it's also the second big Tyrannosaur figure in this line, along with the Bull T. rex.

Overall look and detail.

The Thrasher T. rex is known by fans and collectors to be very film accurate in it's sculpt and paintjob, though it's colors are closer to the male Rex from the film. Like the other larger Jurassic Park figure, it's body is mainly made from a rubbery material (though it's a softer rubber than the other dinosaurs in the line) and his limbs and cavity are a harder plastic. Unlike the other T. rex figures it does not have any electronic features, but it makes up for it by having articulated legs which didn't appear in the other ones. 

Articulation and features:

  • Thrashing action: if the player moves the tail of this toy from side to side, it's head would move in the opposite direction, similar to the scene in the first film when Rexy attacked Donald Gennaro. this feature can also be used for freeing the t rex from it's capture gear.
  • Chomping Jaws: if the player opens the jaws of the t rex, its tongue will rise up, and if the player presses it with either a toy are it's finger, the jaws will close.
  • Articulated limbs: the limbs of this toy can each be rotated 350 degrees.
  • Realistic skin: the body of the toy is made from a soft rubber and can be posed in many positions.


  • Like the Bull T. rex, this figure has a repainted counterpart in the Chaos Effect toy-line, minus the capture gear set.
  • The Thrasher T. rex's paintjob on the box is different from the one that is actually sold. 
  • This toy was considered popular among JP fans due to its design and rarity.



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