In the chapter The Main Road the people stranded on the road are attacked by the Tyrannosaurus now freed by the power outage.


The endorsement team who were driving to the Safari Lodge are stranded in the middle of the road due to the power outage. Tim Murphy looks around the surrounding area with his night vision goggles, discovering that they are near the Tyrannosaur Paddock. As they waited for something to happen to get them out of this situation a juvenile Tyrannosaurus rex crosses the road between their vehicles. With the whole group alerted, Lex Murphy keeps watch on the fence of the Tyrannosaur Paddock to find Rexy, the adult Tyrannosaurus, on the other side. Ed Regis becomes very afraid of the Tyrannosaurus he and his group are near, having seen the horrific injuries caused by dinosaur attacks.

Because of his intense fear Ed Regis leaves his Tour Vehicle, abandoning the Murphy children he was told to protect. Lex Murphy panics because of Ed's decision to abandon her and her brother. Among his sister's panic Tim insists she closes the open door of the vehicle due to the looming threat of a T. rex attack. Lex ignores the commands of the brother too upset from the storm and Ed Regis's abandonment so Tim Murphy gets out of the car to close the door himself. While outside Rexy tears through the fence with her hindlimb, now free from her paddock.

To protect him and his sister, Tim Murphy advises Lex to lock the doors of the car, duck in the middle, and keep quiet. Dr. Alan Grant also tells the children similar advice over the radio. Rexy approaches the Land Cruiser of Tim and Lex Murphy and looks inside the door that Tim closed before seemingly disappearing. The Murphys look up thinking she had gone, but suddenly Rexy reappears ramming her head through the hood of the car. She proceeds to do this another time before moving on to other areas of the vehicle to attack, eventually pushing the Murphys' vehicle into the surrounding forest.

Satisfied, Rexy becomes interested in the Tour Vehicle of Dr. Alan Grant and Dr. Ian Malcolm. With no other way of averting the coming dinosaur, Dr. Ian Malcolm gets out of the car and tries to run away, but Rexy notices him and proceeds to throw him up into the air, nearly killing him. Dr. Alan Grant attempts to do as Dr. Malcolm did, but like Dr. Malcolm the Tyrannosaur notices him. However, Dr. Grant discovers that the Tyrannosaurus rex hunts by movement, so he becomes as motionless as possible. Despite hs tactic being successful on the Tyrannosaur, Grant is flung through the air upon Rexy kicking his vehicle over.

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