In the chapter The Park many of Jurassic Park's staff proceed to fix any problems that have arisen from the power outage. The chapter reveals the backstory of Dr. Gerry Harding and why John Arnold and InGen believe Dr. Ian Malcolm to be wrong about Jurassic Park.


Robert Muldoon and several other Jurassic Park workers try to repair one of the fences of the Jungle River Cruise. While working to repair the fence a worker Ramón says he sees lights in the jungle east of them, but Muldoon tells him not to investigate it yet because the damaged fence is more important. In the Control Room, Donald Gennaro asks John Arnold why he thinks Dr. Ian Malcolm is wrong about Jurassic Park failing and about the Malcolm Effect. John explains the Malcolm Effect to him and that the reason the Jurassic Park staff does not believe Dr. Malcolm is because it and his other models only apply to computing rather than living systems. Since he believes Ian is wrong Arnold boldly states that Jurassic Park's power will be fully restored within an hour.

Meanwhile, John Hammond and Dr. Gerry Harding supervise the transportation of an escaped Hypsilophodon back to its paddock. Once the Hypsilophodon was returned the crew now begin to search for a Stegosaurus. An hour passes by with Robert Muldoon having finished repairs on the Jungle River Cruise fence and most of the escaped dinosaurs are back in their respected enclosures. Arnold then receives a transmission from Muldoon to which he reveals he will not be repairing the fence of the Sauropod Maintenance Building until morning due to strong evidence that the Tyrannosaurus rex is in the area.

In the Control Room, John Hammond insists that the workers search for the Tyrannosaurus rex tonight instead of waiting until the day time, but the workers do not comply to his demands due to having no weapons against it.

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