In the chapter The Road Robert Muldoon and Donald Gennaro investigate the aftermath of the Tyrannosaurus rex attack near Carnivore Country 2.


While Dr. Gerry Harding and Dr. Ellie Sattler stays at the Visitor Center, Donald Gennaro accompanies Robert Muldoon as he hurries to where the Tour Vehicles were stranded. Their drive comes to a halt when Gennaro finds a disembodied human leg (implied to belong to Ed Regis) in the middle of the road. Muldoon sees no reason to leave the leg behind and he and Gennaro proceed to cover it in wrap before putting it in the back of the jeep. They continue to drive on the road, but stop once again to investigate the wrecked Tour Vehicles. While Muldoon in investigates the car of the Murphy children and Ed Regis he finds evidence that one of the children, at least Tim Murphy is alive.

After finding shoe tracks in the mud facing forward toward the road to the park, Muldoon suggests that he and Gennaro need to search Jurassic Park for any survivors tonight. Immediately after coming to this conclusion the two men find Dr. Ian Malcolm in the surrounding foliage, Dr. Malcolm's wheezing giving his position. Due to Dr. Ian Malcolm's injuries, they have no choice but to return back to the civilized region of Isla Nublar, ending their search plans for the night.

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