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How to build a dinosaur

The Science Of Jurassic Park And The Lost World Or, How To Build A Dinosaur is a book written by Rob DeSalle and David Lindley in 1997. The book discusses all steps in process of cloning dinosaurs that is shown in Jurassic Park media. It also discusses the accuracy of Malcolm's use of Chaos theory.

It is the most detailed and serious discussion of this topic. It is often seen as evidence that dinosaurs can't be cloned. However, since this book was written in 1997 a lot of the information concerning Genomics is outdated.



Rob DeSalle is Associate Curator at the American Museum of Natural History in New York City. In 1992, he isolated what was then the oldest known fragment of DNA.

David Lindley is a physicist. He is a former editor at both Nature and Science magazines and Science News. He is the author of The End of Physics and Where Does the Weirdness Go?



Introduction: Terrible Lizards[]

Digging for amber[]

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Blood from a stone[]

Picking up the pieces[]

The Humpty-Dumpty problem[]

Making babies[]

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It's a girl![]

Growing up in a strange world[]

Finding a home[]

The mathematics of Murphy's Law[]

Could we? Should we?[]