The chapter The Shore of the Inland Sea introduces Doctor Alan Grant, a widowed Paleontologist working in Snakewater, Montana. It explains Grant's imagination of the Mesozoic era and his theories on the extinct world. The chapter then introduces characters such as Ellen Sattler, or Ellie, a Paleobotanist and Grant's student, as well as John Hammond, a flamboyant venture capitalist and dinosaur nut.


As Grant imagines his view on the prehistoric world and eerie jungle of the Cretaceous period, he is interrupted by Ellie Sattler, his student. The two meet Bob Morris, an Attorney that is investigating John Hammond, an eccentric businessman and venture capitalist. Grant and Sattler together found it difficult to see old John Hammond as an evil, manipulative man. He had donated large quantities of funds to their digs every year for several years. Morris also asks Grant if he knew anything about InGen, and Grant states he helped their legal counsel, Donald Gennaro, in a project a few years prior for around fifty-thousand dollars, but had eventually settled for twelve thousand when Grant dropped the deal. Morris then reveals to Grant that Hammond is actually the CEO and owner of InGen, who has created a massive genetics facility on the Hammond Foundation's island in Costa Rica. Grant tells Morris he knows nothing of their island and shows him out. Grant then receives a message from a woman named Alice Levin that wants him to call her back right away.

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