The Visitor Center is a level in the first episode of Jurassic Park: The Game.

Jurassic Park: The Game

Gerry Harding and his daughter arrive at the Visitor Center and help Nima Cruz inside. They notice that it's a wreck and that the place is deserted and the floor is covered with blood and a severed leg of a Velociraptor lying in a puddle of blood. They both hear what sounds like somebody trying to contact them through an emergency broadcast channel. Gerry attempts to track it down by turning off the tour sounds, and finds the radio under a dinosaur skull. He manages to adjust the frequency to contact Laura Sorkin telling her that Nima needs help. Laura is aware of Nima's condition, and tells Gerry that she needs a quarter mil dose of carfentanyl. Gerry believes that it would kill her, but Laura tells him to trust her on it. He remembers that the tranquilizer darts contain carfentanyl, so Jess decides to go back to the Explorer to get them. Gerry tells her that if she hears or sees anything to come straight back.

She goes outside and slowly walks down the steps. She can see the rustling of the trees, but ignores her father's warning to come straight back. She manages to get to the car without attracting attention and grabs the tranquilizer darts. She hears more rustling and sprints back to the visitor's center.


  • The severed velociraptor leg found on the floor could be from The Big One, the Velociraptor pack leader from the first movie.
  • Before the Hardings and Nima entered the Visitor Center, a helicopter is seen flying away from Jurassic Park. It is believed that this was the one that transported Hammond, his grandchildren, and the rest of his visitors minus the lawyer off of Jurassic Park.