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The Watering Hole is the third episode of the second season in the Netflix series, Jurassic World: Camp Cretaceous. The episode was released on January 22, 2021.


Brooklynn, Sammy and Yasmina team up to investigate strange noises in the park. Elsewhere, Darius and Kenji go exploring and witness a majestic sight.

Plot Summary[]

The base is finished, and the campers have made beds and a shower. The shower runs out of water, so Darius goes to refill the bottle; however, the river has no water, so Kenji and Darius leave to try and find the problem, while Brooklyn, Sammy, and Yasmina go to find the frozen flowers.

Hunt for water[]

Darius attempts to impress Kenji as they follow the stream to its source, which turns out to be a dried up waterfall, forcing them to scale the rock wall to continue onward. There, they find a dam which is held in place by a large tree that they cannot move, so they get the attention of some Stegosaurs to attack them, then dodge at the last instant, resulting in a Stegosaur knocking the tree aside and destroying the dam.

While running from the Stegosaurs, Darius and Kenji encounter a Ceratosaurus, but she doesn't attack them due to the proximity of the watering hole — neutral ground. Kenji and Darius drink from the watering hole with the dinosaurs, completely unmolested, and even Kenji later admits that it is "cool". He then rests while Darius documents the dinosaurs from a distance.

Hunting for flowers[]

Brooklynn has a difficult time relating to Sammy and Yasmina, having never attended a proper high school, until they find the frozen flowers again over a ventilation shaft — part of the island still has power. They continue on, talking about a show they all like, until they discover a genetics lab. Brooklynn hunts for clues about the island even the midst of a fairly serious Baryonyx-related problem, as they try to eat everyone. She finds a manilla folder labeled "E750", but loses it when they have to flee the genetics lab.

Luckily, it turns out that Sammy recovered the manilla folder, but even Brooklynn can realize that the danger is too great to linger in the area, so they all return to camp. There, they find the water restored and the boys returned before they did, who aren't initially very impressed with the girls' discovery but go along with their excitement. The folder turns out to contain a great deal of gibberish papers, along with a key card. Everyone celebrates that night, watching shooting stars, until they suddenly discover a light in the distance: a campfire.

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  • Dave and Roxie don't appear, but are overheard over Dave's mix tape.
  • Darius mentions Dr. Alan Grant, making this the second time Alan has been mentioned in the series, with the first time being Things Fall Apart.