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"The twins" were minor antagonists in the fifth season of the animated Netflix television series Jurassic World: Camp Cretaceous. They were two mercenaries hired by Daniel Kon alongside Hawkes and Godinez to capture dinosaurs for Biosyn on Isla Nublar.


While the twins are seen wearing identical outfits, they are distinguished by their own accessories: one is known to wear sporty sunglasses, a pair of fingerless gloves, and a boonie hat; while the other one sports regular sunglasses and a Kevlar vest.


Jurassic World: Camp Cretaceous[]

Season 5[]

"Evasive Action"[]

The twins entered the penthouse with their leader, Hawkes, and later joined Hawkes, their boss, Daniel Kon, Kenji, and Mae Turner on a hunt to find a dinosaur to show Lana Molina's Client. Kon orders them to watch Mae lead the way with her. when the group stops to try to find a nearby Stegosaurus, the twins search the area for it.

"Shaky Ground"[]

The Twins can be seen listening to the conversation that Kon, Hawkes, and Molina are having, and aim their tranquillizer rifles at the bushes when they hear rustling, and are surprised to see that Kenji has returned with Toro.

"Out of the Pack"[]

Hawkes radio's the Twins to join the group at the ruins of the visitor Centre, there they encounter Blue, who leads them to the Dilophosaurus nest. when they are ambushed they quickly help the Kon's to their feet and run away from the carnivores.

"Clean Break"[]

Kon sends the Twins to capture Bumpy and are later seen stopping her from banging on the crate has been unloaded into. they are contacted by Hawkes who tells them he'll return within the hour. They then walk away from the crates and have a conversation that Kenji eavesdrops into. Hawkes returns and the 3 check on the assets and also learn that Mae is missing, they report this to Kon who sends them to find her. they later return to the boat and Mantah Corp sets sail for Mantah Corp Island.

"The Core"[]

the boat arrives at Mantah Corp Island. The Twins, Godinez, and Kenji unload the dinosaurs from the crates.


Mantah Corp go through the tunnels underneath the island. Kon sends the Twins to take the dinosaurs to the jungle biome and set up camp there. At the Camp, the twins decide to needlessly injure the dinosaurs until they are stopped by Kenji, who leads them away from the camp. The Twins return to the camp and one of them picks up the controller that controls Bumpy. the one with the controller uses Bumpy in an attempt to murder Ben, while the other holds Kenji back to prevent him from stopping them. Bumpy starts fighting the mind-control which causes the twin holding Kenji to let go of him and try to take the controller from his brother. the twin with the controller is tackled by Kenji who breaks the controller. Ben and Bumpy then chase the Twins away from the camp.

"The Last Stand"[]

The Twins rejoin Kon, Hawkes and Godinez and use their Mind-controlled dinosaurs to hunt down the kids, with one Twin controlling the Dimorphodon and the other controlling Toro. the twin with the Dimorphodon goes in one direction with Godinez, the other goes with Hawkes and Kon. the twin and Godinez encounter Brooklynn, Ben, and Bumpy who trick them into making their dinosaurs run into the biome's wall. they regroup with the others and go to the watering hole. the Twins and the other mercs use their dinosaurs to attack the non-controlled dinosaurs and the kids. The Twins team up to kill Little Eatie, Darius, and Kenji.

Kenji attracts the flock of Pteranodon to the fight and one of them grabs one twin and flies off with him. The kids fight the other twin for his controller and break it, freeing Toro from mind-control. The bald twin gets up and is eaten by Toro.


The Twins often got annoyed with each other, with their arguing leading to them failing their tasks often. They were also heartless as they enjoyed abusing dinosaurs and tried to kill children simply because they wanted to. The Twins, especially the hat wearing one, were childish at times which caused Daniel Kon to not have much trust in them.



  • One of the twins is the first character to be canonically killed by a Carnotaurus.
  • The Twins are almost never seen apart throughout the season.
  • The Twins' true names are never revealed.
  • Despite being voiced by Mikey Kelley, the bald twin spoke in a considerably lower voice than the hat wearing twin and was a lot more serious.


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