Therizinosaurus was a genus of the Therizinosaurid family. The T. cheloniformis species measuring perhaps 40 ft long and 22 ft high.

Its appearance has been a debate until recent decades. During the early phases of its discovery, it was assumed it was a species of a aquatic turtle. After several examinations and revisions, it was given the description of a gigantic carnosaur that measured 55 ft in length. After the discovery of related species Nothronychus, the debate over its appearance ended. It is uncertain what it ate, scientists agree that it was not an exclusive carnivore, but scientists once thought it was a carnivore. The theories are it was an insectivore, herbivore, or even an omnivore.

Dinosaur researchers Florence and Charlie Magovern discovered two 18-inch-long fossilized eggs in the Xixia Basin in Nanyang, China. These are perhaps the largest eggs of any animal ever found. Painstaking study of one egg throughout 1995 by the Magoverns and others revealed the bones of a tiny theropod, possibly a therizinosaur, an herbivore about which little is known. The fossil baby was named "Baby Louie" after photographer Louie Psihoyes.[2]

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Therizinosaurus itself doesn't appear in the movies, although its DNA was used in Indominus rex in Jurassic World.[1]

The Lost World: Jurassic Park (Game Gear)Edit

Therizinosaurus is an enemy in the Game Gear adaption of The Lost World: Jurassic Park, in the Baryonyx level. It is depicted as a burrowing animal.

Jurassic Park III: Park BuilderEdit

Therizinosaurus can be created in the game Jurassic Park III: Park Builder.

Jurassic World: The GameEdit

see Therizinosaurus/JW: TG

Therizinosaurus became an creatable legendary herbivore in the game in September 30th, 2015. An interesting feature to the Therizinosaurus in the game is that it has fur-like feathers, which it had in reality.

Jurassic World EvolutionEdit

Therizinosaurus is mentioned in the database entry for Indominus rex.

Jurassic Park IIIEdit

At card nr. 54 of the Inkworks Jurassic Park III Premium Trading Cards series, a discovery of dinosaur eggs is told (see quote in the real-life section). The eggs might be of a Therizinosaurus.

A Therizinosaurus figure was planned to appear in the "Dino Rivals" toy line based around Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom, as part of their "Mega Dual Attack" assortment, but is unfortunately cancelled. Oddly enough, the leaked image of its toy shows that it has an almost larger head with visible teeth, which would have been oppositely seen in the real-life animal.



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