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    15:42, November 8, 2019

    Like I said, Why don't you watch Promises, Promises & Blue Eggs & Bobby on YouTube & see if they seem Jurassic Parkish enough. Even to me. I even left comments on them.

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    • Once again, that is not the issue. I have explained this to you before, several times.

      Your reason for "Promises Promises" is because they were chased by a dinosaur. That's hardly a reference to Jurassic Park specifically - there have been plenty of dinosaur movies before Jurassic Park, and plenty of scenes where humans were chased by dinosaurs. It needs to be more clear.

      Your reason for "Blue Eggs and Bobby" is because of the "rippled water" scene. However, you will remember that I went out of my way to remove references like this because I am not convinced that the "rippled water" thing started with Jurassic Park, and if it didn't start with Jurassic Park, it's a reference to whatever it DID start with, not Jurassic Park. What you'd be better off doing right now is finding out if the rippled water thing did start with Jurassic Park.

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    • Nevertheless. I see what's a close enough reference & I think it's closely related to the real deal.

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    • We're not looking for "close enough", we're looking for obvious references. That's what made Collector1 dislike the page in the first was just too cluttered with close-enoughs.

      And I ask again, you should go and find out if the whole water-ripple thing was started by Jurassic Park, because if it is, then it's a reference, but if it isn't, then it isn't.

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