Tiffany (also called "Tiff") was the wife of Mitch, both of whom served as the main antagonists in the second season of Jurassic World: Camp Cretaceous. The couple were recreational hunters, traveling to exotic corners of the globe to hunt endangered species. The two masqueraded as ecotourists and snuck onto Isla Nublar, where they encountered a group of campers from Camp Cretaceous. Tiffany was ultimately killed by Chaos and Limbo after proving herself an enemy towards the campers and abandoning her husband.


Tiffany is a Caucasian woman presumably in her mid 30s. She is of short stature with short, blond hair and blue eyes.


At first Tiffany appears to be a friendly, yet a clueless ecotourist, providing food and shelter towards the campers. Soon her true colours are exposed, revealing herself as a violent, irrational, psychotic and deranged recreational hunter, being far less reasonable than her husband. At times (due to several hints in dialogue) she is shown to have a strained relationship with her husband Mitch. She clearly dislikes kids as shown when she tells Mitch how they're glad to not have children, a trait which later escalated to full hatred.

Tiffany eventually proves herself to be an opportunistic, cowardly, and uncaring person, regarding the wellbeing of herself over others by abandoning her husband, leading to his fate. She did feel some regret to the destruction of her marriage (vacation and best gun), but ultimately accepted her cowardice which kept her alive and the hatred she displayed toward the campers.


At some point in her life, she met and married Mitch, due to their shared love of hunting endangered species. The couple were hunting partners and travelled the globe hunting endangered species including lions, tigers, elephants and rhinoceroses.

Arriving to the island, the couple employed Hap as a guide. Initially the two appeared as clueless, friendly ecotourists upon finding the campers. When her true nature is exposed and Darius learns of the two being hunters, Mitch threatens him into helping the two, with either killing the group or the dinosaurs on the island; demanding Darius to take them to the watering hole. When the park systems shut down, Darius instead brings the two to Main Street. Tiffany was far less rational and patient than Mitch, eagerly willing to rid herself of the children and impatient with their slow progress.

However soon after park systems are recovered by the campers led by Brooklynn, their tablet receives power and the two give up pursuing Darius now having no use for a guide. Making their way to The Watering Hole Tiffany and her husband Mitch find themselves inside the Carnotaurus Paddock, Tiffany receives a shock from the electric fence following her unsuccessful attempt to climb out. There, she shot and killed Grim the Baryonyx after almost being attacked.

Arriving at The Watering Hole she attempts to shoot the Velociraptor Blue but is held back by Darius and the remaining campers. Tiffany and her husband Mitch are soon forced to flee from the stampeding dinosaurs. The two are pursued by Rexy the T. rex, and in the ensuing chaos Mitch becomes ensnared in his own trap. Unable to untie the knot Tiffany leaves her husband for dead (who soon after meets his death at the jaws of Rexy). Attempting to get away in her ferry, she continues to taunt the campers, telling them they will never arrive home and she'll never tell anyone of them. However, her rant is cut short as Tiffany is then killed and eaten by Chaos and Limbo in revenge on her for killing Grim.



  • Her physical resemblance may be an homage to Amanda Kirby, who also pretended to be an eco tourist with her husband Paul. However, unlike Amanda (who had sympathetic reasons as she and Paul only wanted to rescue her son Eric from Isla Sorna), Tiffany has proven to be more petty and despicable as she is focused in hunting dinosaurs for profit; even willing to abandon her husband, Hap and the kid survivors to save her own skin. Also, unlike Amanda, who succeeded in saving Eric and survived, Tiff failed to hunt down dinosaurs and ended up being devoured by them.
  • She is the third female antagonist in the franchise, preceded by Irene Corts and Laura Sorkin, respectively.
  • She is the first female human to die in Camp Cretaceous.
  • Since Camp Cretaceous is canonical to the film series, she is the third female human to die in the film canon, after Zara and one of the Lockwood bidders, respectively.
    • However, whereas the former was killed by a marine reptile (Mosasaurus) and the latter by a hybrid (Indoraptor), she earns the distinction of being the first female human in the film canon to be killed by actual dinosaurs (Limbo and Chaos the Baryonyxes).
  • After Kelly Malcolm and Mitch, Tiffany is the third human to kill a dinosaur in the film canon.
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