Gerry, Jess, and Laura need to get off the tower before it collapses. With Velociraptors below them, it seems like there's no way to escape. Laura tells Gerry about the emergency ladder, in which they can all use it and quickly run to the tunnels. Gerry cannot move the ladder as it seems to be slightly bent, and that it needs to be pried open with something. With no tools, Gerry climbs to the top of the water tower, where he finds an antenna. He can only pick it up when the small light is off after Laura turns the water tower power to daytime mode. The raptors are trying to knock the tower over using their heads. Gerry manages to swipe up the antenna, and tells Laura to pry it open. Gerry's body weight is not enough to cause the ladder to slide down, so Jess jumps on the ladder, to which it moves. She lands on the ground below her, as does Gerry; Laura is a little slower getting down so she jumps from the ladder.

They run towards the tunnels, with the Raptors right on their tail. Gerry manages to close the gate before they got in.


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