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Toro is a male Carnotaurus and a major antagonist of the animated TV series Jurassic World: Camp Cretaceous, serving as the main antagonist of Season 1, a minor antagonist of Season 2, a mentioned character of Season 3, a cameo antagonist of Season 4, and a major antagonist of Season 5. He also serves as one of the two secondary antagonists of the interactive special Jurassic World Camp Cretaceous: Hidden Adventure (alongside Rexy, depending on the player's choice). He was named by Kenji Kon.

Behavioral characteristics[]

During the events of Jurassic World: Camp Cretaceous, Toro appears extremely aggressive, much like most carnivores bred for Jurassic World, especially after his snout was injured while attempting to devour Darius. Toro was very persistent while hunting, even when climbing stairs that consistently caused him to trip for his targets. He also may back off from more powerful predators as it seemed likely he ran off from the Indominus rex that broke into his habitat or probably he and the Indominus rex understood each other.

Toro exhibited an unwavering determination to hunt down the campers, persistently pursuing them until he was ultimately defeated by their use of explosives, which caused him to injure himself. When Toro first encountered the campers, it is possible that he experienced significant pain upon seeing them. This encounter likely made him realize that the campers, as a collective group, possessed the ability to defend themselves.

However, when Toro spotted Ben, who was alone and separated from the other campers, he considered targeting him for the hunt. Nevertheless, Toro quickly recognized that he was no match for Ben's self-defense abilities and the presence of Bumpy, the Ankylosaurus. This realization led to his downfall as he fell from the cliff.

It is conceivable that once Toro recovers from his physical injuries, he may continue to pursue the campers in his hunt. Without the protection of Bumpy, the campers may face increased risk.

Physical Appearance[]

"Toro. Because of the horns."
Kenji Kon upon escaping from Toro.(src)

Toro is physically identical to most Carnotaurus, being reddish-brown in color with black patterns and having a build common of his species, except with a stunted horn on the right side of his head. Toro's most distinguishing feature was a large scar on the right side of his snout, coming from a failed attempt to catch Darius. By the end of the first season, Toro was covered in severe burns all over his body except his tail, giving him a darker coloration.

Toro had shown to heal some time later as his burns became darker and his distinct facial scar from Darius had healed.

Toro is 2.9 meters tall (9.5 feet) and 2.1 tons.[1]



Toro was one of the many dinosaurs cloned by InGen and Masrani Global for exhibition in Jurassic World on Isla Nublar. However, at some point in his life, Toro became overly aggressive and had to be moved to a separate enclosure away from the public's eye.[2]

Jurassic World: Camp Cretaceous[]

Season 1[]


Toro stumbled upon and attacked Darius Bowman and Kenji Kon when they broke into his pen. The pair managed to buy themselves time by using Toro's inability to make sharp turns against him, which caused the animal to trip up, before escaping from the paddock through a feeding cage. While attempting to reach Darius, who was unable to open the cage's opening, Toro scraped his face around the metal of the cage, receiving a large scar across his face.

Things Fall Apart[]

A few days later, the recently escaped Indominus rex arrived at Toro's paddock. After engaging in a brief confrontation with the Carnotaurus, the Indominus broke through the fence of Toro's paddock. However, the Indominus left without harming him, leaving Toro free to escape and roam the park. Probably, because the Indominus is part Carnotaurus and they both reached an understanding and both had similar things in common.

Last Day of Camp[]

As Toro roamed the park, he unintentionally put himself in the way of Darius and Kenji's group at the Mosasaurus Feeding Show when they tried to reach the park's monorail. At first he did not notice the group, being preoccupied playing with a barrel until Brooklynn, Kenji, and Sammy bumped into each other and gained his attention. He attempted to investigate the disturbance, but was quickly distracted by Darius throwing a rock. Once he lost interest in the rock, Toro began sniffing the group out as they were climbing the stairs to the park's monorail, eventually becoming alerted by their presence when the monorail's automated greeting played. He attacked them, but kept tripping on the stairs, which eventually broke beneath his weight and sent the animal plummeting to the ground, allowing the kids to escape. Toro soon recovered from his fall and returned to the Jurassic World Lagoon, scaring off camp counsellors Dave and Roxie, who had arrived to look for the lost campers.

End of the Line[]

Later that night, Toro managed to find his way into the park's tunnel system, where he once again encountered and attacked Darius' group, eventually losing them in some vents. He found them again after Darius and Yasmina Fadoula attempted to break open a vent cover, breaking through one behind them in an attempt to get to Brooklynn, although the group eventually managed to escape once they succeeded at breaking the cover in front of them. Toro quickly relocated them, however, and resumed his attack. Although he destroyed a trap set for him, but was lured into another one using compressed air tanks and a taser to light an explosion, heavily scarring and burning Toro in the process. Once he had recovered enough to stand, Toro glared down at Darius before limping away.

Season 2[]


Sometime after the battle, Ben and Bumpy stumbled into Toro's new nest, causing him to territorially chase them until he lost interest. Over a week later, Ben returned to fight Toro in order to face down his fears and drive off the theropod so he could move past the clearing. Armed with a spear, Ben battled with and scratched Toro, only for Toro to throw Ben in the air in retaliation. Before Toro could kill Ben, Bumpy, now a subadult, appeared and attacked Toro, saving her human companion. Working together, Bumpy and Ben finally defeated Toro by forcing him off a cliff. Toro survived the fall.

Jurassic World Camp Cretaceous: Hidden Adventure[]

Toro's appearance is determinant, he will only appear based on what the watcher chooses.

Some time after the viewer chooses to go to security, the campers find a sleeping Sinoceratops and they hear Toro's roars, a reminder that he will approach them at any moment.

Retrace Steps[]

If the viewer decides that the campers should try to find another way, they accidentally move towards Toro. All the campers run away, but Darius doesn't move. Toro charges at him and gets his revenge.

Sneak Past[]

If the viewer chooses to go past the Sinoceratops, the campers move from the left side of the Sinoceratops and Brooklynn gets pinned down by its tail. Toro shows up, and sees the campers behind the Sinoceratops. Toro's roar wakes up the Sinoceratops and they start fighting, allowing the campers to escape.

Later on, if the viewer chooses to escape Hidden Adventure in the vehicle ride, Toro appears to challenge the Tarbosaurus to a fight. Their brawl will lead them inside the Hidden Adventure main area. The viewer can then choose for Darius to distract the dinosaurs, allowing the others to enter Hal Brimford's underground bunker. The distraction works long enough, and the campers escape, allowing the dinosaurs to continue their fight.

Season 3[]

View from the Top[]

As the campers try leaving the island on a raft, they regale with their events with Ben talking about how he defeated Toro.

A Shock to the System[]

As Ben is deciding to stay on the island and tells Darius that he defeated Toro. He gets annoyed Ben saying he defeated Toro. And he continues saying he did defeat Toro.

Season 4[]

Rude Awakening[]

Toro appears briefly in Yasmina's trauma induced nightmare, alongside the Indominus rex, a Ceratosaurus, and the Scorpios rex.

Season 5[]


Kenji begins regaling Daniel of his tales on island. With involving two encounters with Toro and the Scorpios rex.

The Final Test[]

Kenji regales his tales on the island to the investors with him saying that Toro would’ve killed Darius if it weren’t for him.

Evasive Action[]

After falling into the ravine, Kenji encountered a shadow resembling Toro.

Shaky Ground[]

As Kenji gets up, he hears a roar and recognizes who that is. He trips and turns and sees Toro. Toro roars in angry after seeing Kenji and Kenji says "Never were much for small talk". As Kenji was nearly attacked by Toro until Hawkes leapt onto his head and inserted a control chip into Toro's head, but got knocked off the dinosaur and as went to finish him off, Kenji then grabbed the controller that Hawkes dropped and activated the chip, saving Hawkes by mind controlling Toro. As Daniel views Toro and questions using him given his scared appearance, he decides to go through with it anyway. While controlling Toro, Kenji took a liking to him. And as he walks with Kenji and Mae, Kenji tells her how he and the others are why Toro is scared and looks that way. When Daniel has Mae come over, Kenji and Tori resume walking. A pair of Stegosauruses appear, Mae and Hawkes argue about them being in the way. So Kenji has Toro roar to scare them off. The campers have control over a drone and watch Kenji controlling Toro and with his Daniel. As they continue walking, a Parasaurolophus runs past them and bumps into Toro. Mae not understanding why it would run toward a predator. While Kenji states that "Toro seems fine". Mae says silently "that’s because he doesn’t have a choice", then another earthquake happens, Toro maintains his position while everyone begins falling and Kenji gets separated from the others. Kenji wakes and sees he’s surrounded by rocks but notices he still has Toro’s controller, and begins trying to find out where he is and has him move the rocks away. Once freed, Kenji thanks Toro with a fist bump. And decide to find the others, before realizing that he needs to get Toro to move. Later Kenji finds the others at the Penthouse and tells them "Toro here is… pretty impressive" and Toro roars in triumph.

Out of the Pack[]

In the morning, Kenji and Hawkes feed Toro and he scares off the Compys bothering Lana Molina. Daniel tells Kenji he should demonstrate the control chips and he agrees. Lewis Dodgson arrives and Kenji introduces him to Toro. He runs around in a circle and comes up and roars at them. Lewis grabs the controller from Kenji and brings Toro face to face with him. And says he’ll do just fine. Toro is waiting outside the penthouse while the others return with Limbo and a Dimorphodon. Kenji decides Toro should get some sleep. As Toro sleeps, Daniel thanks Kenji for doing a good job.

Clean Break[]

Kenji brings Toro to be ready get inside his cargo to be shipped to the island. But before they do he and Mae feed him before the trip back home. Then Toro and the Dimorphodon are loaded into their cargo truck and boarded on the ship.

The Core[]

As they arrive, Kenji and the others begin unloading Toro, Dimorphodon, Limbo, and Bumpy off the cargo trucks.


Hawkes, Godinez and The twins take control and have Toro, Dimorphodon, Limbo, and Bumpy go to the Jungle biome. In the Jungle biome, one of the twins begins practicing on controlling Toro by having him growl. As Ben and Kenji decide to work together, the twins are controlling Toro and Bumpy and having them walk around. As one of the twins tries to get Toro in his cage but has trouble, Kenji comes over and helps get him in. As Toro is in his cage, Ben and Kenji rescue Bumpy from the twins.

The Last Stand[]

As Toro rams and breaks through the door, Limbo, Dimorphodon and Asset 87 enter the Forest Biome. As Ben, Brooklynn and Bumpy take care of Limbo and the Dimorphodon. They are forced to retreat when Toro and the Spinosaurus appear. As Big Eatie hears the threat getting closer, she warns the other dinosaurs to prepare for battle. As, Toro and the other mind controlled reach the watering hole. Daniel tries negotiation, but fails, so he orders Hawkes and the others to activate the dinosaurs. As Toro and the others charge through the watering hole and begin their attack, so do the campers and their dinosaur friends. Toro tries attacking Ben but hits him with a stick. As, Limbo begins attacking Darius, Toro joins in. But he’s hit by Bumpy, which Ben falls off. As Toro begins to attack Ben, Pierce hits him and they begin to fight. Pierce begins to retreat while Toro chases after him. As Darius fails to surprise and take the controller from one of the twins, he and Toro notice and begin chasing him. As, Toro continues chasing Darius, he gains on him and knocks him down into the feeding platform. As Toro go down and tries to attack, Darius escapes and he begins fighting with Little Eatie. As Toro tries to resume attacking Darius and Kenji, he fails. And resumes fighting with Little Eatie with the help of the Dimorphodon. Kenji lures a flock of Pteranodons, which one begins fighting the Dimorphodon, leaving Toro to fight Little Eatie along, and another one carries one of the twins allowing Little Eatie to free the Dimorphodon. As Toro fights the raptors and they begin overpower him. Kenji runs over to help him. Kenji and Darius get the controller, break it, free Toro and he knocks one raptor away, gets the other raptor off his back and kills the other twin. Kenji and Darius throw rocks at Toro to get him to come over and he begins fighting Limbo. As Toro bites on Limbo’s snout, Daniel pulls out his own and regains control over Toro, Limbo, Asset 87, and the Dimorphodon and has them attack Little Eatie. The Spinosaurus claws, shoves and hits her in the face with his tail, before the Dimorphodon attacks over head and Toro knocks her to the ground. Then they all roar at Little Eatie at the same time before Big Eatie arrives, takes out Limbo, knocks away Toro and the Dimorphodon and begins fighting Asset 87.

The Nublar Six[]

As the Spinosaurus roars in triumph and towers over Big Eatie, Toro is right behind. Daniel switches his controller to control Toro, he and the Spinosaurus begin hunting the campers. As Daniel tries changing the weather to flush the campers out, the Spinosaurus and Toro find and begin attacking causing the campers to split up. As Ben, Yaz, and Sammy run into the warehouse, Godinez and Toro follow, as he enters and leaves Toro outside, he is attacked and killed by the raptors and the campers run past Toro, who is unable to move without his controller. As Mantah Corp Island is safe and Daniel Kon gone, Kenji freed Toro and now he enjoys his new life on Mantah Corp Island in the Jungle Biome.

Toro the Carnotaurus S5 EP8

Jurassic World: Dominion[]

He was going to appear in Jurassic World: Dominion, but he was removed. It can be assumed he still lives on Mantah Corp Island, which has since then been repurposed into a secret dinosaur sanctuary few people know about.

Jurassic World: Chaos Theory[]

Darius watches a video of when he and the others were kids and returned home. After the Campers returned to the mainland and were interviewed as the famous Nublar Six, Ben regales them of their adventures on the island, starting with him facing off against Toro.

Later, Sammy mentions that Mantah Corp Island was investigated and that she secretly helped Bumpy escape and kept the Ankylosaurus on her farm while the other dinosaurs were taken by the DPW. Toro's fate after this is unknown.


Jurassic World: Camp Cretaceous[]

Season 1[]

Season 2[]

Jurassic World Camp Cretaceous: Hidden Adventure (determinant on player)[]

Season 3[]

Season 4[]

Season 5[]

Jurassic World: Chaos Theory[]

Season 1[]


Promotional Images[]

Jurassic World: Camp Cretaceous[]


  • Toro's name is Spanish and Italian for "bull" and a reference to both a Carnotaurus' horns resemblance to cattle horns as well as to Carnotaurus, which is Greek for "meat-eating bull".
  • With the Indominus Rex being part Carnotaurus was really easy for her to reason with Toro, as she so splendidly demonstrated when she communicated with the raptors.
  • With the release of Jurassic World: Camp Cretaceous, it has become a popular fan theory that the scarred Carnotaurus at the end of Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom is indeed Toro, the male Carnotaurus from said series.
    • However, with the release of season 5 of the series, this theory was confirmed to be false, as Toro no longer lived on Isla Nublar but on Mantah Corp Island at the time of the movie. For this reason he was not among the dinosaurs which brought to the Lockwood Manor.
  • Originally, in the storyboard concept for "Happy Birthday, Eddie!" from season 1, Toro was going to appear and have a bigger role in the episode, as being responsible for killing Eddie and chasing the campers through some shipping containers instead of the Indominus rex.[3]
    • Had this been kept in the finalized version, this would marked the first time Toro had successfully killed a human, as well as being the first Carnotaurus in the film canon to do so. However, this would eventually happen in "The Last Stand", in which Toro killed a mercenary after being freed from mind-control.
    • Despite the change in the final version, the dent seen on the van matches Toro's head shape, not the Indominus rex's.
  • "Rude Awakening" is the first time that Toro is seen since the two previous seasons and mention in Season 3. He made a brief appearance in Yaz's nightmare along with a Ceratosaurus and the two deceased hybrids - the Indominus rex and Scorpios rex.
  • As of Season 5, Toro is the first known Carnotaurus to canonically kill a human, as Eli Mills was killed by Rexy the Tyrannosaurus and then the Carnotaurus devouring his remains.
  • Toro was meant to appear in Jurassic World: Dominion in place of the Carnotaurus with the broken horn, however, the executive producer of Camp Cretaceous, Scott Kreamer said that it didn't fit well in the story, and Toro was sadly cut from the film. This was confirmed in an interview with Scott and youtuber, Swrve.[4]
  • This disproves another new recent fan theory that the Carnotaurus in Jurassic World: Dominion was Toro.
  • Had this been kept in however, Toro would be the only character from Jurassic World: Camp Cretaceous to appear in a live-action film, as Scott already confirmed that none of the campers were going to make an appearance in Jurassic World: Dominion.
  • Toro was the third male main dinosaur antagonist introduced in the franchise, the first being the Spinosaurus and second being the Indoraptor. Plus, Toro is the only Carnotaurus who has a confirmed gender, with the other two Carnotauruses, their genders are never mentioned.
  • Toro is the second main antagonist dinosaur who didn't die, the first being the Spinosaurus.
  • Despite their bad history with each other, Kenji is shown to have developed a fondness for Toro after mind controlling him, risking his life to help Toro in "The Last Stand" when the dinosaur was getting overwhelmed by Velociraptors.



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