The Triceratops is one of the larger JPS1 toys. It's a part of the same scale of toys as the Stegosaurus and the Young T. rex.

Overall look and detail:

This toy was well received by many fans and toy collectors due to it's player features, great accurate sculpt and nicely airbrushed variety of green colors. Like many of the larger JP toys, it's body is made from a soft rubber that gives it a very realistic feel to it. It's head and limbs are a harder plastic, allowing the feature to work realisticly and to help it stand up properly.

Articulation and features:

  • Ramming Head attack: if the player squeeses the shoulder blades of the toy, it's head will rise up and attack. 
  • Realistic Dinosaur Skin: as mentioned above, the body of this toy is made from a soft rubber allowing to to feel realistic. 
  • Dino-Damage Wound: in the thigh of the toy there's a nasty wound and missing piece of flesh. so in the box, there's a piece of rubbery skin that can be plugged into there and later being taken off again to simulate that it was attacked by another dinosaur. 
  • Movie Collective Card: a card featuring a situation including the toy and some dino trivia. 


  • The scenario shown in the collective card does not happen in the film. 
  • The Dino-Damage piece resembles the shape of Isla Nublar. 
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