Jess Harding and Nima Cruz are trapped in the jeep and the horn is jammed. This provokes Lady Margaret the Triceratops so Jess must disable the horn to stop the attack. Gerry Harding meanwhile is trapped beneath the gate and must escape before an approaching Tyrannosaurus rex named Rexy steps on it and crushes him. He must then avoid both dinosaurs as they begin to battle. Once he reaches the jeep, he helps Jess climb out. She makes a run for the maintenance shed but must dodge the Tyrannosaur who takes notice of her and attacks. When she finally gets to the shed, Gerry then follows, avoiding the dinosaurs as he carries Nima to safety. Once inside, Gerry assures Jess that they will be safe there for the night and loads a tranquilizer rifle for added security. He awakes in the morning to a strange noise outside.


  • The point in the film where Grant, Lex, and Tim hear the T. rex roaring in the distance as they are about to climb the tree possibly occurs at the same time as this scene, since both scenes took place in the same night, this scene was the only T. rex encounter in the first episode taking place before the team left the island, and the T. rex did roar a lot during this scene in the game. However, this is unlikely since none of Lady Margaret's equally loud bellows and moos were heard in the film. Plus, the T. rex jeep chase scene is right before Alan, Tim and Lex climb the tree. So this is extremely unlikely.
  • However, it is more likely (though not confirmed) this scene occurs shortly after the T. rex breaks out of its enclosure and eats Donald Gennaro. This is a possibility due to the fact the T. rex is nowhere to be seen when Ellie and Robert Muldoon arrive at the enclosure, and while searching the area, its roar is heard quite a distance away from the enclosure. So it makes it more sense for the T. rex to have devoured Gennaro and traveled to the Triceratops enclosure, fighting Lady Margaret, and then returning to its enclosure resulting the jeep chase.