In the chapter Tyrannosaur Robert Muldoon and Donald Gennaro attempt to subdate the Tyrannosaurus rex known as Rexy, but their attempt does not go as they planned.


Robert Muldoon and Donald Gennaro find Rexy in the Jungle River Cruise. Muldoon fires his tranquil launcher at her, but misses. Rexy then charges at their jeep and Muldoon fires his launcher a second time, only to seemingly miss again. He is unable to send off a third shot due to the great risk with the T. rex angered and the two men have no choice but to leave.

Just after they leave the Dr. Alan Grant and the Murphy children falls down a waterfall while they were drifting through the Isla Nublar River with a raft, right into the area Rexy is in. None of them die because Dr. Grant saves the Murphy kids from drowning and/or getting killed by the Tyrannosaurus. They run to the waterfall and to their surprise find a maintenance building underneath it.

In the maintenance building, Grant goes inside on of the darkened rooms while the Murphys wait for him to return. While inside he finds a flashlight as well as a small car. Immediately after finding the car, he sees a Velociraptor lunge at him, to which he shoots with his tranquilizer pistol. Interestingly, the raptor is a juvenile and is male rather than female. He becomes excited by this discovery and runs to the door of the room he is in, only to find he has locked himself out.

On the other side of the door, Rexy finds the Murphy children. She licks the surrounding area for her prey until her tongue touches Tim Murphy. Rexy then proceeds to wrap her tongue around Timmy and begins to drag him toward her mouth. But while she is dragging him the Tyrannosaur suddenly lets go of him, bites her tongue, and retracts her head from the building.

Grant on River

The raft attack concept art for the Jurassic Park film.


  • The raft encounter with Rexy was originally planned as a scene for the Jurassic Park but was cut early in production. However, concept art exists for the scene.
  • The scene where Rexy pokes her through the waterfall and uses her tongue to find the Murphy children was adapted into a scene in The Lost World: Jurassic Park where Dr. Sarah Harding, Dr. Robert Burke, Nick Van Owen, and Kelly Malcolm hide from the Tyrannosaur Doe in a waterfall. The Doe even sticks her head through the waterfall and licks Sarah like Rexy did with Tim. This was also intended to be referenced in Jurassic World, as seen in early concept artwork, an animatronic Tyrannosaurus head was supposed to be part of the Indominus rex battle near the end of the film.
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