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"Mommy's very angry."
Ian Malcolm(src)

The Doe is a female Tyrannosaurus rex and a minor antagonist in The Lost World: Jurassic Park. She is the mate of the Tyrannosaur Buck and mother of Junior. In Jurassic World: Dominion, she appears as a cameo with her partner.


Early life[]


The Doe was one of the seven Tyrannosaurs cloned by Ingen in Isla Sorna. She and a male of her species had a son[1] in 1997.[2]

The Lost World: Jurassic Park[]

Isla Sorna Incident[]

During the Isla Sorna Incident, the Doe's [1]son was taken from her by the InGen Hunters where they used him as bait to attract her partner. She and Buck, upon finding their son missing, let out a huge bellow of anger that could be heard on the other side of the island. Immediately resolved to tracking him, they located their child's scent and went to retrieve their captured son. Upon arriving in the encampment, she made her presence known by flipping one of the GatherersMercedes-Benz M-Class SUVs over the cliff the team parked on. She, along with her mate, then reveal themselves to the humans inside the Fleetwood RV Mobile Lab, and make a series of low growls and roars, indicating their presence is for their infant. Despite the infant having been returned to them, the pair decided to destroy the humans as a probable continued threat to their child. They put the young male in a safe place before returning to the trailers. Flipping the rear half of the accordioned vehicle upside down the two proceeded to smash the windshield of the vehicle and then push the rear trailer over the cliff, leaving it hanging hundreds of feet from the rocky shore below. Apparently satisfied with their work, the two leave. However, drawn by the sounds of Eddie Carr's Mercedes SUV, the couple return and the Buck proceeded to dismantle the vehicle before lifting Eddie up and ripping him in half in a tug-of-war with the female before finally devouring him. Despite Eddie's death, the subsequent destruction of both trailers and the remaining SUV, the team were rescued by the InGen expedition team.[2]

Despite having her son returned her, she and the Buck continued to pursue the human visitors because they smelled the blood of their infant that had gotten on Dr. Sarah Harding's shirt when she was repairing his leg, also motivated by their parental instincts. She let her mate go first into the humans' camp, which caused the inhabitants to go into a mass panic. The Female Tyrannosaur then burst out of the brush and ambushed the scattering mercenaries; Roland Tembo, upon catching sight of her, tried to shoot her with his elephant gun (possibly mistaking her for the male) but she was saved because Nick van Owen had previously sabotaged the rifle's ammunition. Chasing the terrified mercenaries out of the camp and into the jungle, ignoring the sporadic gunfire aimed at scaring her off, she kills the InGen Hunter, Carter, by crushing him with her right foot after he trips and lands in a puddle. As she continues walking she is unaware that he is still alive and he is eventually crushed to death as the Tyrannosaurus rex continues pursuing his fellow colleagues.[2]

Carter Stuck To Foot

Carter Stuck To The T. rex's right foot.

She later found Sarah, Nick Van Owen, Kelly Malcolm, and Dr. Robert Burke behind a waterfall, trying to evade her. She stuck her head through and tries to eat them but cannot reach them on account of her large head. Dr. Burke, however, got startled by a snake slithering down his shirt and foolishly ran into the range of the female, who clamped her jaws shut on his arm and dragged him out to be eaten. Apparently satisfied with her meal, she did not resume trying to get at the remaining humans and left.[2]

Her son and her mate were later captured by the Hunters she had fought against and were transported to San Diego, California, it is unknown what Doe did during that time but it can be assumed that he desperately searched for signs of his family on Isla Sorna. Finally Doe was soon reunited with the two after the Buck broke loose from his cage inside the boat he was being transported in and caused havoc once he had arrived in the city, which led to the human residents returning them back to their home on Isla Sorna.[2]

Jurassic World: Dominion[]

Capture and transfer to Biosyn Sanctuary[]


The Doe and Buck meets Rexy

The Doe and Buck were captured from Isla Sorna by Biosyn and brought into their sanctuary sometime before 2022. Doe and Buck explored new territories along with other transported animals. After the sanctuary was abandoned, he and his mate socialized with Rexy, a female Tyrannosaurus who had recently been transported to the reserve.


Tyrannosaur Buck
Tyrannosaur Doe


Behind the scenes[]


Concept art for The Lost World: Jurassic Park depicting a T. rex with a brownish skin color being hauled away in a cage that could be the Doe.

There is concept art that exists for The Lost World: Jurassic Park that depicts a T. rex with a brownish skin color in a cage being hauled away. Though the ILM website states that this concept art is for the first film Jurassic Park,[3] the concept art can be proven to actually come from The Lost World: Jurassic Park due to the bottom right corner of the art having the words "Lost World". Because the T. rex in the concept art is in a cage and is brown instead of green like the Buck who was captured in the final film, this is because in the original ending both of the tyranosaurs were brought to san diego, however this was cut for unknown reasons.

Two rexs


Tyrannosaur Buck
Tyrannosaur Doe


  • Currently, there are no film canon estimates for the size of this individual. The closest would be the general DPG graphic for the T. rex estimating it to be 12 meters long and weighing 7 tons.
  • Since the female wouldn't be seen or used as much as the male, the animatronic was built out of lighter aluminum rather than steel.

Notes and references[]

  1. The animatronic of the Infant T. rex has green skin. In The Lost World: Jurassic Park it was revealed that male Tyrannosaurus rex have green colored skin. So this means that the juvenile's gender is male.
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