The Tyrannosaurus rex hybrid, as the name states, is a hybrid of Tyrannosaurus rex released in the "Dino Hybrid" toyline.

Overall look:

The toy's base sculpt is borrowed from the first Jurassic World's "Chomping T. rex" molds, but was repainted and retooled, as well as having the added electronic features which the original model lacked.

Like many of the previous Jurassic World Tyrannosaurus toys, this toy is often criticised for inaccurately representing the T. rex seen in Jurassic World, although it makes more sense here since it's a hybrid.


  • Electronic Chomping Jaw: If the player press a button on the toy's back its jaws will open and will emit a film-accurate roar.
  • Spikes revealed: If the player pushes the spikes down and press a button on the toy's back the spikes jump up and a low-pitch T. rex roar is activated
  • Articulation: The limbs of this toy can rotate 360 degrees, the spikes can be tucked in and the jaws can be opened quite widely which the original model lacked.


  • It is possible that this T. rex hybrid may not include other dinosaurs in its DNA code, but simply be a dinosaur modified using animal DNA. 
  • Like many other JW toys, this toy suffers from having visible screw-holes on his left side. 


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