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The main attraction of the lagoon, Ultimasaurus

The Utrasaurus Lagoon is one of the parts of the island in Jurassic Park: The Ride in Hollywood.

Animals & Backround

In the Ultrasaurus Lagoon there are 2 species:

Ultrasaurus Lagoon is the first paddock on the ride, and mimics Sauropod Swamp from the novel. The enclosure also mimics the first scene from the film where the inspection team sees the Brachiosaurus for the first time.

The Ultrasaurus Lagoon is a big pond/swamp surrounded by palm trees and a dense forest. There are also some rocks preventing the animals from getting out.

One enters the lagoon with the ride's boat through a small version of the main gate, passing by two Ultrasaurs grazing. You then leave through a cave/tunnel to another paddock called Stegosaurus Springs.

Concept Art of the Jungle River Cruise from the VIP Dining Room; Ultrasaurus Lagoon was based on this attraction

Ultrasaur lagoon.png

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