Nima, Gerry, and Jess arrive at what looks like a small roller coaster, an attraction that was in the process of being built. The only way they are to get down is to get the power up and running, where they can switch the track over to maintenance mode to stop them from doing the entire loop of the coaster, and to get the three seated carts on the track. There is also scaffolding holding down the utility carts, meaning the seated carts, nor the utility carts cannot be moved until the scaffolding has been removed. Gerry uses the crane to lift up the scaffolding to allow the carts to move. Then Jess and Nima help each other to get the three seated cars in numeric order (it's a safety precaution). Jess then finds where the power is accessed to try and turn it on. She cannot open the door to access the panel, so she smashes the window with a rock and gets Gerry to pry open the doors with the crane. With that, she manages to turn on the power, allowing Gerry to turn the track to maintenance mode.


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