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An Unidentified ankylosaur was a dinosaur that appeared in the comic series Jurassic Park: Dangerous Games.


The ankylosaur has a tail club like a member of Ankylosauridae--which famously contains Ankylosaurus and Euoplocephalus--but lacks the horns on the sides of the head seen in members of the previous taxonomic family, making its head resemble that of the ankylosaur family Nodosauridae who lack tail clubs unlike the ankylosaur that is seen in the Dangerous Games comics. A notable feature is the large spikes on its back. In one panel of the fifth issue, it was even depicted with plates like a Stegosaurus.

Because it was not identified in the comic series, there have been several fan identifications of this ankylosaur.

In their reviews of issues 4 and 5 of Dangerous Games, Pop Apostle identified it as the stegosaurid Tuojiangosaurus with a tail club.[1][2] But the dinosaur is an ankylosaur because its head is wider and resembles the skull structure of said dinosaur group rather than a stegosaur like Tuojiangosaurus nor the Stegosaurus from the comics. Finally, its head is armored, unlike a stegosaur.

Jurassic Park Legacy identified the ankylosaur as Ankylosaurus sp.[3] Though the size does match older estimates of Ankylosaurus, the head of the Dangerous Games ankylosaur lacks the horns that ankylosaurids have.


The ankylosaur was one of the dinosaurs created for Jurassic Park on Isla Nublar that went wild after the incident. When Gabriel Cazares and his drug cartel bought Isla Nublar, they captured a member of this species and outfitted it with a remotely operated electric collar.

[4] Gabriel considered it his pet.


The ankylosaur facing off against Daniel Espinoza.

During CIA agent Daniel Espinoza and Dr. Frances White's raid on the Visitor Center Cazares unleashed the ankylosaur to combat the two. Daniel came face to face with Gabriel's dinosaur when a nearby explosion knocked him to the ground while he was climbing down a crane during his infiltration of the island's hotel with White's pack of Velociraptors.

[5] Cazares shocked the ankylosaur twice to get it angry and to attack Espinoza as the CIA agent fired his gun at him. When Cazares escaped, Daniel then began to fire at the enraged dinosaur, only for the ranged attack to have little effect on the ankylosaur. Daniel then decided to get to the top of a nearby construction platform and shoot at it from there, literally climbing over the ankylosaur in the process of getting to the platform.


Once again, the bullets had no effect on the armored dinosaur and it instead swung its tail at the platform causing it to collapse. But Daniel quickly jumped to another platform right beside the one he was previously on just as the ankylosaur destroyed it. Espinoza hurried through the hotel as the angered dinosaur pursued him. He eventually came upon two members of the cartel armed with cattle prods shocking several small theropods that had become freed from their cages. Espinoza then punched one of the men and took his cattle prod while the other fled the area due to the approaching ankylosaur. Daniel used his newly found weapon on the ankylosaur, hitting its collar, which finally debilitated it.[4]