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The Unidentified ceratopsid was a species of ceratopsid that appeared in the first issue of the IDW comic series Jurassic Park: Dangerous Games.


One suggestion as to this ceratopsid's identity is Centrosaurus, as its frill resembles the ceratopsid's. However, this remains unconfirmed.


The ceratopsid was one of many dinosaurs that InGen created and became wild on Isla Nublar after the incident that occurred on the island.

During CIA agent Daniel Espinoza's time on Isla Nublar, he came across a watering hole after following a herd of Stegosaurus. The ceratopsid is one of the dinosaurs seen drinking at the watering hole.

However, the herbivores' idyllic peace was soon shattered when an Unidentified long-clawed theropod burst into the scene and killed a Triceratops. While the ceratopsid was not seen fleeing the scene, it very likely managed to escape from the fray, allowing it to continue living on Isla Nublar.