The Unidentified dinosaur fetuses were three dinosaur fetuses that were seen inside the InGen Compound in Jurassic Park III who were all each unidentifiable to an existing dinosaur species.

Physical appearance

A common trait with all of the fetuses is that they have two digits on each hand. This is most clearly seen on the website which features a full view of the prop fetuses.[1]

The first fetus seen has an oval shaped head and has the smallest hand digits. Fans have commonly identified this fetus as Apatosaurus while others have identified it as Hadrosaurus.[2] There is a problem with these conclusions as neither Apatosaurus nor Hadrosaurus have or are currently restored with a head like the fetus in question.[3] The fetus itself seems to have what appears to be a duckbill like Edmontosaurus (whose skull was present in the Tyrannosaurus rex nest in The Lost World: Jurassic Park[4]).

The second fetus is a Tyrannosaurus rex and appears to be the most malnourished of the three due to it being very skinny to the point its ribs are exposed.[5]

The final fetus has a short round head with smaller crests above the eyes. It also bears a whip-like tail and has spikes protruding from its back. Another notable trait is that it as the largest arms of all the fetuses.


These dinosaurs were created by InGen scientists in their compound on Isla Sorna like the rest of the dinosaurs that were created by InGen[6] For some reason they were kept in large tanks when they were fetuses for unknown reasons, possibly for study or as another means of gestation. When the InGen workers on Isla Sorna evacuated the island due to Hurricane Clarissa, they abandoned their compound along with the unborn dinosaurs that they had created, [7] leaving them to decompose in the following years since they had abandoned the island.[6]

The fetuses were still present inside their gestation tubes by 2001 and the rescue team for Eric Kirby saw them when they went inside the InGen Compound during the Isla Sorna Incident of 2001. Billy Brennan even took a photograph of one of the dinosaur fetuses that were still present.[6]

Behind the scenes

Russ Lukich and Andy Schonenberg worked on or created the embryos seen in Jurassic Park III.[1] [8]

In the level "Breeding Facility" of LEGO Jurassic World, the three fetuses are replaced by a fish, a baby Velociraptor, and a Compsognathus trapped in one of the tanks.

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