The Unidentified horned dinosaur was a species of herbivorous dinosaur that only appeared in the eighth issue of the Topps Comics series Return to Jurassic Park.


One proposed identity for this dinosaur is Microceratus, as it is also small, bipedal, and seems to have a small, frill-like structure on its head. Microceratus is also stated to be in Jurassic Park in the first novel and in Jurassic World. However, Microceratus, despite being a ceratopsian, lacks the nose-horn that this dinosaur is depicted with. However it is possible that it was a depiction of Microceratus with an additional nose horn.


The horned dinosaur was one of many dinosaurs that InGen created and that became wild on Isla Nublar after the incident that occurred on the island.

When Derrick Hoyle and Abby Nakajima attempted to find the bag containing the camera that would exonerate Abby from the accusation by Bradford West that she had attempted to smuggle photos of dinosaurs off of the island, they encountered a young Ouranosaurus, which they nickname Godzookie. During this encounter, two of these horned dinosaurs are seen watching the event from behind a log.


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