The Unidentified long-clawed theropod was a species of theropod that only appeared in the first issue of the IDW comic series Jurassic Park: Dangerous Games.


The theropod had white skin with dark gray protofeathers on its arms and the back of its head. Its head resembled that of a carnosaur like Neovenator or Mapusaurus. As the name implies, one noticeable trait it had was its large claws, which the carnivore used to slash its prey. It was a large animal, as it was shown to kill an adult Triceratops with a bite to the neck, suggested that it was as tall as a Tyrannosaurus rex or other similarly sized theropods.

One suggestion for the theropod's identity is Yutyrannus, the largest feathered dinosaur. However, the first issue of Dangerous Games was released in September 2011, months before Yutyrannus' discovery was made public. Even if one was to argue that the theropod was Yutyrannus, the theropod in the comic seemingly lacks the horns that Yutyrannus has and has much longer claws. Plus, the theropod in question is significantly less feathered like Yutyrannus, which, if the unidentified theropod in question is Yutyrannus, would be odd seeing as how the Dangerous Games comic series features Velociraptors that are almost fully feathered.

A likely identity of the unknown dinosaur is that it's a member of Megaraptora, albeit a stylized depiction at that. Megaraptora is the group of theropods that Megaraptor belongs to and Megaraptor had large hand claws like the unidentified carnivore. Furthermore, and as stated above, the head of the unidentified carnivore is like a carnosaur like Neovenator. Interestingly, a study published two years before the first issue of Dangerous Games classified megaraptorans as belonging to Neovenatoridae, the family that Neovenator is currently classified as a member of. 


Danger Games 1 Triceratops

The theropod killing a Triceratops.

The theropod was one of the many dinosaurs that InGen created and that became wild on Isla Nublar after the incident that occurred on the island.

On CIA agent Daniel Espinoza's first day in the wilderness of Isla Nublar, the long-clawed theropod attacked a group of dinosaurs at a watering hole. In the attack, it killed a Triceratops and Espinoza—who was with the dinosaurs when the attack occurred—fled the area.[1]

The predator's kill was still present the next day,[2] presumably because it had eaten enough of the Trike to satisfy its hunger.


Behind the scenes

The Unidentified long-clawed theropod resembles in appearance the dinosaur hybrid Indominus rex in that it has large claws, protofeathers on its arms and the back of its head, a similar looking skull, and has white skin.

Notes and references

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