An Unidentified sauropod appeared in the third issue of the Topps comic adapation of The Lost World: Jurassic Park. It is never identified in the comic series leading to speculations on its identity. One fan identification was that the sauropod was Camarasaurus[1], but the sauropod could also simply be Mamenchisaurus, which has a skull similar in appearance to Camarasaurus and appeared in the film that the comic was adapted from. Furthermore, the Topps adaptation of The Lost World: Jurassic Park only featured dinosaurs and pterosaurs that had physically appeared in the film or in concept art. This suggests that the sauropod is Mamenchisaurus.


The sauropod, like all of the dinosaurs, was created by InGen on the island of Isla Sorna for Jurassic Park and became wild on the island after Hurricane Clarissa.[2] They survived on the island by eating lysine rich plants.[3]

This sauropod was later captured by the InGen Hunters for Peter Ludlow's Jurassic Park: San Diego, but was freed by Dr. Sarah Harding and Nick Van Owen.[4]

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