The Unidentified tranquilized ornithopod was a species of ornithopod that appeared in the first issue of the IDW comic series Jurassic Park: Dangerous Games.


The ornithopod looks most similar to a hypsilophodont, heterodontosaurid, or dryosaurid, small, two-legged, herbivorous ornithopods. Some popular guesses to this creature's identity include Hypsilophodon, Othnielia, and Dryosaurus. However, the ornithopod's true identity remains unconfirmed.


The ornithopod was one of many dinosaurs that InGen created and became wild on Isla Nublar after the incident that occurred on the island.

At some point, one of these ornithopods was tranquilized and captured by drug lord Gabriel Cazares and his men, who kept it within the original Jurassic Park Visitor Center.

During CIA agent Daniel Espinoza's time on Isla Nublar, he was briefly captured by some of Cazares' men. As he was being brought to the Visitor Center by jeep, he passed by a man carrying the likely recently tranquilized ornithopod on his shoulder.

It is unknown what happened to the ornithopod after the defeat of Cazares. As Dr. Francis White freed all of Cazares' captured dinosaurs, it is likely that it survived and continued living on Isla Nublar.


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