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An untitled Jurassic World was a video game based on Jurassic World was originally developed by Cryptic Studios Seattle until its closure. It was to be built using the Unreal Engine 4 and was played for release on Steam, Playstation Network, Xbox Live with a retail price ranging from $19.99 - $39.99.[1] Since its discovery, it was thought to have been canceled after the closure of Cryptic Studios Seattle, but Jurassic Outpost, the fansite that confirmed its existence, reported on June 6, 2016, that a message from an anonymous individual says the game was "still very much alive" when their article confirming the existance of the game was posted.[2]


The existence of the game was revealed on Reddit when a user claiming to have seen screenshots of the game posted information about it in 2015, being able to post this information due to not having signed a Non-disclosure agreement. The user wrote that it was third-person that was "described as being similar to H1Z1" with Owen Grady as the playable character and that this game would feature several creatures from the franchise: Velociraptor, Tyrannosaurus rex, Spinosaurus, Gallimimus, Triceratops, and Baryonyx (which the poster described as simply the Spinosaurus model without sail). The user also said it would have been in Steam Early Access if Cryptic Studios Seattle did not close.[3]

In November of that year, fansite Jurassicworld.org (now Jurassic Outpost) confirmed the existence of the game and posted more information, notably images of the game's characters and dinosaurs. They also even posted a video containing animations from the video game. However, the pictures were deleted and the video that the fansite posted was removed at the request of the artist.[1]

After rebranding to Jurassic Outpost, the fansite reported that an individual who requested that they be anonymous emailed the fansite and it was validated for authenticity by the website's staff to the "best of [their] ability". The emailer said that after the studio's closure, several artists who worked on the video game shared their work online. The emailer stated that this was due to them believing that their contracts were void due to the studio's closure and that the Non-disclosure agreement was fulfilled. However, when Jurassicworld.org found the posted assets and their report "spread like wildfire" publisher Perfect World Entertainment "cracked down HARD[sic]" on the artists who posted assets of the video game as the game was "still very much alive". The anonymous emailer explained that this was not because people were aware of the video game's existence, but rather that many key assets were leaked.[2]

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