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Hello I’m Dinoanime7, I’m Dinoanime but my computer crashed so yeah. I love dinosaurs and other things. I love memes as well and like making new friends.

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I have a Wattpad account named Animationking. I work on stories like Who Would Win, Jurassic World: War of Extinction, and Neo Primeval World.

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Hopes for Jurassic World 3

Title: Jurassic World: Ancient Futures or Jurassic World: Extinction

Make the film be over 3 hours.

Having a masterpiece dialogue.

More gory dinosaur fights.

Seeing dinosaurs interacting with modern day animals.

Dinosaurs swimming to mainland concept.

Dinosaur bounty hunting concept.

Seeing the impact of dinosaurs being introduced to the ecosystem.

Have the film focus on Rexy.

Oscar worthy music.

Film ends with “Life finds a way.”

Let Blue have some offsprings before dying.

Rexy survives the film, but after the film Rexy shouldn’t be mentioned ever again. Just her legacy.

My Ideas for Jurassic World 3

1. Having a scene with dinosaur bounty hunters on the mainland, while they are hunting, they were attacked by a new Spinosaur species, Irritator one was killed, but the other was seriously injured and was mauled. The Irritator stands on top of the woman senses her and leaves her alone knowing that she is no longer a threat to her cubs.

2. Mosasaurus impact on ecosystem and perhaps have a seen where they discovered a new Mosasaurus, this was in fact a baby from the original Mosasaurus who is asexually reproducing. Boat scene happens since Mosasaurus is trying to defend her calves.

3. A scene a Spinosaurus was found in Asia and was hunting an elephant, killing the elephant and eating it.

4. Mosasaurus attacks Blue Whale, both mothers try to fight each other. Mosasaurus is attacking the whale to feed her calves while the Blue Whale is fighting back to defend her calf. The fight ends with the Blue Whale dying and the Mosasaurus dying as well. However, her calves will survive to adulthood and not too long after, when one reaches adulthood, meets an accurate Mosasaurus both mate and the population explodes.

5. Other marine reptiles appear but they won’t play a role as big as the Mosasaurus.

6. Rexy meets an accurate T.rex who is slightly smaller than her. At first she doesn’t accept him although at the end of the film they become mates.

7. Blue has children after breeding with a 1997 variant male Velociratpor. She has three children, Green, Red, and Violet.

8. A disease being introduced and causing some serious havoc on humanity.

9. Film ends with the dinosaurs ruling many parts of the world.

10. After credit scene shows a baby Rex hatching out of it’s egg.

Marine Species I want to see Appear

Great White Shark (Let it be shown getting eaten by a marine reptile like Mosasaurus or Plesiosaurus)

Blue Whale (Like to see it fight a Mosasaurus)


Pliosaurus Macromerus




New Dinosaurs I want to see Appear in JW3






Brontosaurus (Seeing it have neck spikes)


Eotriceratops (Makes a cameo appearance)












New Pterosaur Species in JW3


Dinosaurs I would like to see Return in JW3

Alamosaurus (Seeing it in flesh, it appeared in JP as a skeleton, at least a cameo at the end)

Allosaurus (Want to see the mature Allosaurus from Battle At Big Rock, with it’s family)

Ankylosaurus (Both new variants and old variants)

Apatosaurus (Seen in the film, perhaps even seeing an accurate variant of the species)


Brachiosaurus (Perhaps seeing a herd of them)

Carnotaurus (Has some sunshine and accurate variants cloned by open sourcing)

Ceratosaurus (Makes a cameo appearance in a cave)


Corythosaurus (Mentioned, later seen in the film, brought back by open sourcing)

Dilophosaurus (Fully grown, this time with an accurate skull and arm positions)

Dreadnoughtus (Cameo appearance)

Gallimimus (Seeing then roaming around North America for example, Great Plains, and more accurate clones cloned by Biosyn)

Nasutoceratops (Perhaps seeing the baby now fully grown, seeing new clones as well)

Sinoceratops (Making a cameo appearance)

Spinosaurus (Mentioned, status revealed, more clones made by Dr. Wu)

Stegosaurus (New variant from JW and new accurate clones made by an unnamed company)

Teratophoneus (Seeing them alive, perhaps seeing a female trying to protect her nest from a Carnotaurus, possibly seeing new clones)

Triceratops (And seeing new clones made by someone)

Tyrannosaurus rex (Rexy and new Tyrannosaurs based on Saurian T.rex)

Velociraptor (Blue, seeing new raptors as well)

Dinosaur designs for the new individuals made by open sourcing: