Jurassic Park Wiki

My favorite dinosaurs:Triceratops,Stegosaurus,Ankylosaurus,Tyrannosaurus rex,Spinosaurus,Giganotosaurus,Velociraptor

My favorite hybrids:too much

Favorite JP scene:When Dinosaurs Ruled The Earth

This scene is amazing.Rexy kills 2 raptors and roars while the When Dinosaurs Ruled The Earth banner falls to the ground.

Favorite LW scene:T.Rex in San Diego

This scene is very good in my opion.It's smiliar to when King Kong is loose in the city.I love it when the male T.Rex watches his baby kill the guy that announces JP:San Diego.

Favorite JP3 scene:Spinosaurus Attacks Plane Scene

This scene is full of horror in my opion.The Spinosaurus rolls the plane,kills Nash and destroys things.

Favorite JW scene:Main Street Showdown

Do I have to explain.This scene is amazing.The Indominus knocks out Blue and kills Echo and Delta.Rexy destroys a Spinosaurus skeleton and fights the Indominus rex.At first,Rexy bites the neck of the I.Rex multiple times and it seems like rexy is winning.However,the Indominus rex knocks down rexy but Blue attacks the I.Rex,allowing Rexy to get back up.Rexy and Blue fight the Indominus rex.At the end,the Mosasaurus kills the Indominus rex.

Favorite JWFK scene:Indoraptor roars on roof

This is just...awesome.(Blue vs I.Raptor almost made it on this spot)

Favorite JWD scene:I'll put something here when JWD is released.