aka Marshall Joseph Mannella

  • I live in London, Ontario
  • I was born on May 8
  • My occupation is University Student
  • I am Male
  • Bio Zoo Tycoon 2 modder
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Greetings I'm Marshall! I've been made an admin by User:BastionMonk. Great guy he is! My job is make sure trolls don't screw up our little community and sometimes add photos.

My username

It's actually misspelt of my traditional username: mjmannella. So far I don't know how to change this. It's basically my first name's initial, my middle name's initial, and my last name all rolled into one.

My contributions

About Me

I joined this wiki because I have a grand passion for dinosaurs and the like. As well as Jurassic World being my new favourite movie of all time. Speaking of which...

My Ranking of the Films

1. Jurassic World. I really enjoy what it has going for it. It brings so much new to the table. It was and still is a very entertaining film to watch through.

2. The Lost World. I really like how it showed the sensitive side of dinosaurs to a high degree. It makes them more relateable and gives them character.

3. Jurassic Park III. While the aspect of the Spinosaurus killing the Tyrannosaurus was a bold move that I really enjoyed, it was too person focused, bringing needless exposition to a dinosaur movie

4. Jurassic Park. I don't like this film for the same reason that people love it. It was cool while it was still new, its popularity is entire centred around nostalgia. Nostalgia shouldn't be the main factor in something good, there needs to be something new. Back on topic, this film is also too predictale and is also a bit too human focused.

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