I made a dinosaur hybrid. It has warty toad skin that is toxic, feathered forelimbs, and a fish scaled rear body. It can breath underwater, and is bulletproof. The head has four jaw elements, each filled with shark thorns. The top 2 have long retractable fangs which can spray acid. It has a dinosaurian head with a pair of long, vaguely ceratopsian horns. It has a long neck, and a slender body. On the back is a long, sharp, foward-curving spine, which can spray acid like a hose. The arms are winged, to steer underwater. It has a fleshy 'hoof', which has a giant, long, sharp, heavy, scythe-like claw, about 3/4 the length of the arm. The hindlegs are, long, and sprawled out, with 2 sections, and a flipper-like foot. It can sit upright, or walking quickly. The tail is like that of a thresher shark, tipped with a sharp point to inject or spray acid. It has human-level intelligence, and tends to hold grudges.

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