Jurassic World: Texas Dinosaur Rescue

The Jurassic World: Texas Dinosaur Rescue is an 60-page  to promote the release soon. It is written by Keith Wilkinson. It tells us behind the sense that Keith and the rest of his own team to save the dinosaurs before the other team arrived to the island. The rescued animals are located in preserve in Texas

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After Keith's team rescued the dinosaurs from Isla Nublar, they had moved them to a Texas wildlife preserve, they were in holding pen before being released. The carnivores were moved to their own enclosers while the herbivores and the smaller carnivores are free in the large area.

Dinosaurs that had been rescued:

Pachyrhinosaurus (three adults)

Albertosaurus (one adults)

Ankylosaurus (two adults)

Apatosaurus (three adults)

Gallimimus (six adults)

Carnotaurus (two adults)

Parasaurolophus (four adults)

Suchomimus (two adults and one jevinile)

Triceratops (four adults)

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