Hello everyone! This is my little research blog dedicated to one little thing that has been in the franchise from the beginning. In an interview VFX team of JW:FK confirmed that the coloration of dinosaurs in Jurassic World was controlled by the geneticists to make animals look beautiful to visitors (this interview is here: After this I asked myself: "Was the ability of animals to roar also in control?". Now we now that dinos didn't roar ( so maybe park scientists gave roaring dinosaurs to visitors 'cause everyone wants to see bellowing prehistoric predator instead of the real booming one.
T. rex roar from Jurassic Park:


The real T. rex voice up to date:


My theory about the ability of dinos to roar at the first place in Jurassic Park is this is because of the frog's genes. We know that frogs can make long screams so it's in the clones too.

I made a post about this in Discussions but only two men noticed it. Sorry for bad English.

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